KNCC & Charlie Wilson’s War


I don’t even know what to say about this movie, I have been looking forward to watching this movie for some time now. I remember finding out that there are at most two to three sexual scenes which would be cut in Kuwait but the movie would still be enjoyable and viewable. I was mistaken, very mistaken, The Ministery of Information BUTCHERED the movie, I mean it is 30% shorter then what it should be.


They decided to cut out political wit which they didn’t appreciate, they are total idiots, I feel bad for KNCC because they spend money on movies yet they can’t profit from it because these idiots butchered it. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts did an amazing job but you miss a lot because of the cut scenes. I think the movie skipped at least 17 times throughout the whole movie, if your going to watch it don’t watch it in the movies in Kuwait.

I’m going to watch this movie again when I download it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I refuse to go to the movies in Kuwait because of this.

  2. watch the boondocks episode about stealing in the movie theater what I like is the comment they said at the end ” be like normal people buy the bootleg of the streets or download it off the internet” so my advice don’t set yourself up for disappointments in the future.

  3. TP

    He’s a well known political playboy, how else did you expect the movie to end up? As soon as I saw the title I crossed the name out of my to-see list.

  4. BeLLo

    The thing that i don’t understand is if they’re going to slice and dice the movie to a level that makes it hard to understand the story or the part where you really enjoy watching the cast and crew MAYBE !! .. Then why showing the movie ??

    Ok maybe because we are a Muslim nation thats fine but cutting 20 min before and after the Inappropriate scene is to much.

    every time i watch a movie in kuwait because of this problem i have to go buy a DVD and watch it again.

  5. My cousin went to see it he told me that almost an hour was cut out… and nothing was understandable! Ya3ni ok i undestand they wanna keep things clean.. ok no problem bas when you realise ena wayed ya3ni and you need to cut up a LOT then khalas dont show it!
    there are other movies they could bring!
    its not like they bring them on time anyway…..

  6. Dude a movie about arms smuggling in Afghanistan against the Russians, full of the Mike Nichols wit and Washington politics – you didnt expect any cuts?

    When will people realize that MOI doesn’t just cut kisses and sex but political references, drug use, occult themes, adultery, Jewish references, etc?

    That is why I don’t watch films like this in Kuwait.

    If they only cut sex or nudity (like UAE) we’d be fine, but they also cut all the aforementioned stuff plus stuff offscreen as well (yes they cut SOUNDS).

  7. Cool… I was planning on going! Thanks for telling us, I will get it on DVD heehee

  8. Meesh

    I had the exact same experience when i went to watch “The Heartbreak Kid” about a month or so ago. The movie had maybe 20 “punchlines/scenes/jokes” and they cut about 18 of them, so i basically had to watch Ben Stiller walk around Mexico and appreciate his acting??? WTF like others have said, why bring the movie in the first place if thats what you’re gonna do.

    Another complaint is that now, they seem to be cutting cursing as well, and since Heartbreak kid was a farrelly brothers movie, you know that there will be a fair share of crude and inappropriate language, and without fail they cut each and every curse word out. Well, except the very final scene when the camera zooms in on Stiller’s face and he says “I’M FUCKED” that was fine according to them. WTF WTF WTF!!!! be fucking consistent atleast.

  9. Ahmad

    I find it surprising the KNCC keeps trying to show movies that no sane person expects to survive the scissors of the censors but at the same time ignore some great movies that will not suffer this fate because of their subject matter.

  10. Thank you for saving me KD5. I was planning on watching this as KNCC because I didn’t think there would be anything to censor, fucking weird.

  11. Ive stopped going to Kuwaiti cinemas a long time ago :)

  12. I always check the rating of the movie before going to see it…and compare the official running time with the running time on cinescape’s website. If it’s too much, then i dont waste my time! :)

  13. EniGma: I can understand!

    TAT: I do download and buy original DVDs when I can, but sometimes you just want to watch it in the Theater!

    TP: You should download it! Thats for sure!

    BeLLo: Because they bought it, KNCC doesn’t know what the government is going to cut, they just buy the movies then the MOI starts chopping things out and KNCC gets hurt the most. I agree with you though, you have to go get the DVD to watch it again.

    Rashisha: They bring some movies before Europe or Dubai, they are pretty good, but your cousin was right, it was understandable because they cut out so much!

    Amer: Its really nuts, there is criteria for cutting!

    Ansam: No Problem!

    Meesh: There is no criteria for everything they do and it drives me nuts!!

    Ahmad: They have no choice, and they are losing business because of MOI.

    Mark: No problem!

    3baid: yup!

    Laialy: yup!

    abdvllah: Sometimes you just feel like it!

    KWT23: Didn’t think about that, Didn’t think they would post the cut run time, this was cut one hour out!

  14. I always say im never going to the cinema but i end up going. There are some movies that are just better on a huge screen.

  15. Cona

    I wish I’d read this before going to the movie. I went to see it 2 days ago and instead of having a fun night out I was furious at the amount of butchery this movie had undergone. After the movie ended I went to the manager of the cinema and demanded my money back. His excuse was MOC regulations and there was nothing we could do, I responded there was something you could do and that was not to screen the film in Kuwait at all!

    Its ridcolous for a company to screen a film thats half butchered … KNCC should have standards WTF are the morons running the programming department thinking when they decided to screen this film.

    Well the good news was after some discussions they rebated the KD 5 back onto my cinema card so they’re making no money from me , and hopefully other people will do that same so they never screen butchered movies like this again!

  16. Damon Dash

    same thing happened to me , i was so shocked when it ended i couldn’t believe it was over so fast! it was only 1 hour long! also did you notice how after the last scene they also cut the text that comes in the end of the story!!! they cut the text! what the hell was written!

  17. jewaira

    that is really just too bad.

    when are we going to see movies without censorship.

    what gives anyone the right to determine what is suitable for us to see and what not?

  18. I Saw the movie last night and i just wanna say that the ppl in KNCC are idiots!!!!! The only thing that needed to be cut was the 1st scence thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Movie is awesome and charlie wilson is even Awesome-Er LOL

  19. I really hate MOI. I bet it is run by extremely conservative people who are as ignorant as hell. They make me wanna barf. I wanna kick them till they are dead, seriously.

  20. TP

    I’m definately watching it but I don’t see these kinds of movies in Kuwait’s cinemas.

  21. N: Exactly that is the point, there is some movies that you want to watch in the theater!

    Cona: Well done! At least you got your money back for the hour there! I should have done that, but I don’t think the people I was with would have allowed me to do that!

    Damon Dash: I was shocked they even cut that, that is just ridculous!

    jewaira: I don’t know, they think they know everything when they really know nothing! When ever they censor informaiton it will get out in due time!

    Rashisha: I think they shouldn’t have screened the damn movie!

    Angelo: I agree with you 100%

    TP: I wanted to watch it in the theater, but I already downloaded it!

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