Review: 30 Days of Night


I had high expectations for a Josh Harnett movie, he is usually in some very good movies and I like his acting. This movie is about an Alaskan town that goes through its usually yearly month of night, one month every year a town goes through 30 days of darkness and now it is their town, but with the darkness something else comes from the darkness. Its about vampires which I thought I would enjoy but the movie was so disconnected, inconsistent, and corny that I was really lost towards the end and it didn’t come to a conclusion, nothing really fit together and it was very badly made. I wouldn’t recommend it, the only thing I enjoy was some of the action scenes.


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  1. i would give it 3.5 out of 5 bcoz of the thrill,, the story was poor

  2. SoS

    This was on digg for one of the worst movies of 2007.

  3. vampire: very poor!

    KWT23: Good! Avoid it!

    SoS: Too bad I didn’t know it then!!

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