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Onkyo TR-SX875 & Denon 3808

Onkyo TR-SX875

Price: 480 KD (Not including 40 KD shipping from UK)

Denon 3808
Price: 459 KD (Available from Panasonic Yousifi) , 533 KD (Amazon without shipping)

I have been going back and forth on which choice to upgrade my A/V reciever, I have a two year old reciever which does a good job but doesn’t help me when all my devices have HDMI output. Both these A/V Recievers having 1080p upscaling, and all inputs (S-Video, Component, and HDMI) are upscaled to 1080p and outputed thourgh the HDMI output. Between these two products its just a matter of price, all of them provide what I need for the speakers, subwoofer, and screen. What I find surprising that the Denon 3808 is cheaper in Kuwait then it is online.