Logitech Harmony One


They are coming up with another one, I think Logitech has been the most successful company in making affordable Universal Remotes, I have been thinking about purchasing one for the past couple of months because of the multitude of remotes that I have and at this point I would like to purchase this one that is coming out in Feb 08.

It has a 2.2 color touch screen, an ergonomic design, and an intuitive button layout.

It has activity based control such as (“Watch a Movie”, “Play XBox”, “Surf Web”) to activate the right set of equipment and channels for all the different machines. The best part is the ease of programming this remote from the well developed GUI. It has a piano black top and silver base, and charged wirelessly through the USB charger.

Price: $250

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Your getting one .. I canceled the 890 order to wait for this one.

  2. lfc-q8

    i got i 880 for almost 2 years now and i love it
    i guess this will be the same or even better. when u get it give us some feedback please

  3. Don’t you think its a bit overpriced for a remote?

  4. El Aly

    $250 is quite a bit for a remote that is probably impractical unless you find yourself juggling 5 remotes on a daily basis. That screen looks pretty interesting though!

  5. The harmony is worth its weight in gold .. Its so good .. they should rename Greek gods after it.

  6. punky

    i was thinking about getting one, but i thought i was just being a spoiled brat. I think i am going to look into it again

  7. punky: I thought it was too expensive at first .. especially since Universal Remotes usually collect dust after a month of use. The harmony is extremely easy to program; you tell the pc application what you plan on using (Everything from the XBox to a ghetto satellite reciever) and then it pulls it from the online database.

    Then you can choose specific functions and create a todo list.

    I have programmed one button as movies:

    It turns off the Tv, changes the audio channel to PC, opens the movies folder on my computer, raises the volume, lowers the projector screen, turns on the projector and sets the right inputs (HDMI 1).

    Soon it will also dim the lights and close the shutters (I should be receiving the control units this month).

    And when I finish, I have a button called everything off which off all of the units. I am going to have the same button also turn on the lights (for 1 minute as I leave) and close the shutters.

  8. thats the phone i sat on, now i remember

  9. K: Great! That is one sweet remote!

    lfc-q8: I will make sure to post up the feed back from it!

    Laialy: Not really, its really low priced for a universal remote!

    Kaileena: yup!

    El Aly: Your an idiot, that is all I have to say! hahahaha

    K: I agree!!!

    punky: I think you should really look into it, it will replace all your remotes, that is what I am going to do!

    K: The programing is the best thing!

    EniGma: It does!

    Amer: I’m going to shoot you at some point!

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