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Review: Hitman


I have played the Hitman game when it first came out years ago and I really enjoyed it, the game was well made with an original story and the fans grew from there. I never thought that it would grow so big that they would make a movie out of it, I didn’t have high expectations for this movie but I was honestly surprised. This movie picks up right away into the action, it revolves around a company called The Organization which has ties with every government and every company to make sure it makes money. It has no loyalties and their business is the killing business, so they have created these killing machines to do the work for them. One of them is number 47 who is played by Timothy Olyphant. He is betrayed because of the information he knows, and sold out by the organization, from there things pick up. The funny part is how the camera angle in this movie follows that from the game, it keeps things interesting, they also picked the perfect female character to play the victim who is also a bad girl that 47 will protect and fall for. Overall its an easy movie to enjoy and a very well thought out ending.


Link: IMDB