Ride in the Rain!


Waking early morning to go riding on the weekend is what I look forward to! I don’t care if I sleep 2 hours or 8 hours! I want to ride from early morning to enjoy the empty streets and to blast around Kuwait at my leisure without bothering anybody! I woke up that Friday morning and it had just finished raining, we were supposed to go out for a ride but it was just too wet.


The more I sat at home the more I wanted to ride, but I thought I would ride on my own since I don’t want to put anyone else at risk but myself in this weather. It got a little bit drier towards 9:30 am so I said to hell with it I’m going out! I told some of the guys that want to go for breakfast to meet me later, but they went out in their cars. I wore full gear from top to bottom and all the armor I had, I felt like the Knight Rider! It started off me taking it easy so that the tires would warm up, I knew that would take longer, and so I was taking it easy, but after 30 minutes of riding I started picking up the pace and I have to say I love the wet traction the Pirellli SuperCorsas have! They are just fantastic, I was having a blast of a day in that wet weather, and then I got a nice bite to eat which hit the spot.


Nothing beats the feeling of getting a good ride in for the day!














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the hot chocolate looks about right … its been raining here too … I always find it funny how the weather in AZ can be so similar to that in q8

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful ride :-)

    Mmmm that food looks good now …


  3. That food.. is sin!!! lol..

  4. hey bud,, next Thursday, Friday and Saturday we r riding,, i want big group ride

    tristar riding on Friday to Abdali!!!

  5. Laialy: Very strange its similar, and it does get really hot!

    jewaira: always! alah e3afeech!

    N: looool!

    vampire: We should be riding!

    Swair: yup it is!

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