Work & Cold


It seems everyone is delaying their meetings these days because the weather has gotten cold and unpredictable in Kuwait over the past week. It has been hard for me to get into a start for work when I have been off for a week. Jumping into work, I found a lot of stuff were pending and I had to jump right into it from the first day I had 5 meetings and next day I had 6 meetings, it was pure insanity!


  • 9 Days Away
  • 385 Emails (Legit)
  • 492 Junk Mail

It took me three days to really go through those emails and make sure I had everything covered. Going to work felt like trying to untangle a ball of strings, everything is tied up and messed up. It takes sometime but I sort it out in due time, this cold weather is helping out at all. All I want to do is stay at home and watch some TV!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ughhhh I HATE PENDING things hwne i was sick and i missed 2 days i came back to a desk full of artworks that i had to go through….

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    حدي فيني النوم الصبح و مالي خلق اقوم لان الفراش دفي . ولم تمشي تروح الحمام الأرض بردة

  3. zahed

    corolla man stop why are you typing in arabic + they say that badizz bee nazil il 3ashaa this weekend am sure its gona be 1 sandwich for all of us with there ma3bootch

  4. AE86 + Badiz are going to be in Bahrain with me this weekend.

    You have already lost.

  5. Allah e3eenik Dude .. 300 emails!!!! I panic when I see 10

  6. Kim

    I feel your pain. As nice as it is being away from work, it gets harder to come back and the junk just piles up. I definitely would prefer to be home snuggled on the couch watching a movie or reading. By the time I leave work today, there should be another 10cm of snow.

  7. El Aly

    haha do they seriously delay work because of the cold? Only in arab countries, ramadan is the worst though, the workdays shrink from 11-3 in el masr

  8. My God. This post reminds me of what is coming next week: Spring Semester 2008. GAHHHH!!

  9. Rashisha: That is a lot!

    Corolla Man: 7adah baardah!

    zahed: hahaha!

    K: hahaha! Enjoy!

    Laialy: Its isane, you have no idea!!

    Kim: damn, that is going to be insane! I can’t even deal with snow and having to work!

    El Aly: They didn’t delay work!

    Angelo: Goodluck! :)

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