Review: HBH-DS970


I have been in need of a bluetooth headset for a while now but I haven’t fond of the ones that have been out. I drive a manual so bluetooth is essential, when I don’t have handsfree its difficult to answer the phone even though I have pretty much perfected it, I prefer not to.

I wanted something I can clip or hang around my neck, I saw this bluetooth product a few months back and I decided to try it out. I have liked the way SonyEricsson have designed their headphones since regular headphones don’t fit me and hurt after a while. These headphones fit directly into your ear and you can hear everything clearly, what amazed me is how loud this headset it, you can clearly hear people.


This headset is target for MP3 playback of the phone which my W880i does perfectly if I used it that way, the only track I have is the theme song to 24. I have been amazed at the strength of this bluetooth headset, previous headsets would act up and the voice would start crackling at 5 meters (Clear Line of Sight) even if they are rated at 10 meters, but this headset has been able to keep the connection at more then 9 meters clearly, and if does a decent job from behind a wall. The microphone is good, but it also picks up background noises, but not too bad.

The right ear piece has the mouth piece which you speak into, and the left ear piece has the button to end and pick up calls, very simple.

The screen is something else, it is a very simple screen but it does everything. It shows you the name of the track (rotates if it is long), it shows you the name of the caller and shows both Arabic and English which was a surprise and a huge plus.

I thought the price was a bit steep, but it turned out to be a fantastic product and I have been very happy with it.

Price: 35KD

Link: SonyEricsson


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  1. Ali Khalaf (Bahrain)

    Its a great product from Sony, but the prices are high in the region.

    Your devise is sold for USD 35 on ebay :(

    Last night I placed an order for the HBH-DS980 which should be able to connect two mobile phone to one headset. (the cost is around USD 100)

    I will update you on my opinion on it once arrived.

  2. TuKo

    wooow great!!

  3. I tried the same one at lebanon when i was there…I didn’t know how to hook it with my phone and the dude at the store didn’t! (My phone is also SE!)

  4. Ali: I agree that its overpriced, but the features are fantastic, makes it really easy for me! The one your getting is probably going to be even better!

  5. Bomy


    I have been looking for something similar which could be paired with two mobile phone, and which could be used to talk when a call is received on either of the attached mobile phones.

    Could any one guide me if DS-970 or any other bluetooth headset can really work with two phones???


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