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Tristar Dubai


This was an interesting experience, I have been used to going to the TriStar showroom and garage in Kuwait like its second nature to me. I have been wanting to go to the TriStar showroom in Dubai for some time now, but its a little bit away from where I usually stay so I haven’t had the time until recently.


Its strange entering a shop that you are very familiar with yet you aren’t. I was a new customer to them and it is close to new years, what was funny was that they had a loyal customer running about the shop causing havoc which was funny to us, and gave us some time to look at the beautiful machines they have in stock. Then somebody came and helped us out with all the information I went to ask, and I also managed to check on their stock of Alpinestar equipment which I wish they had in Kuwait. These guys were doing a very good job, and I was happy that they interact well with new customers, but I had the urge to just get on a bike and ride out even if it was for the day, I want to try the roads in Dubai when there aren’t any traffic (I would also remove the plates).


It was a nice visit, and when I pass by Dubai I will be stopping there to check what stock they have for bike gear.