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Ichigo’s Sword


I was very surprised to find a place that makes replica swords from Bleach, it has become that famous that they are available. High quality swords usually start at $100 – $300 range and go up very quickly based on your capability to use them. These replica swords are just for show, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot of damage with them especially since they are Ichigo’s Bankai Swords! I would really like to order both of them, but I have two problems; 1) No where to put them, 2) Customs.


The first Ichigo sword is 68 inches (172 cm) long and could probably do a lot of damage! And it only costs around $80 which is very little for Ichigo’s Bankai sword! The second sword is Ichigo’s Stage 1 Bankai when he couldn’t control his power initially and its 52 inches (132 cm) long which is also very large and sells at $50.

Link: TrueSwords
Link: TrueSwords