Ichigo’s Sword


I was very surprised to find a place that makes replica swords from Bleach, it has become that famous that they are available. High quality swords usually start at $100 – $300 range and go up very quickly based on your capability to use them. These replica swords are just for show, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot of damage with them especially since they are Ichigo’s Bankai Swords! I would really like to order both of them, but I have two problems; 1) No where to put them, 2) Customs.


The first Ichigo sword is 68 inches (172 cm) long and could probably do a lot of damage! And it only costs around $80 which is very little for Ichigo’s Bankai sword! The second sword is Ichigo’s Stage 1 Bankai when he couldn’t control his power initially and its 52 inches (132 cm) long which is also very large and sells at $50.

Link: TrueSwords
Link: TrueSwords

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  1. Mo Hat

    The second sword is actually Ichigo’s shikai when he could control his power properly, as the first sword he had was shattered by Byakuya. And cause Ichigo has such immense spirit power the shikai is always on.

  2. A friend at work ordered two samurai swords and they didn’t get held up at customs. he used aramex and they came in a really long box.

  3. Sushi

    Marzouq what kind of stupid swords are these costing 300 dollars!Sheesh.. Samurai SWORDS ARE REAL SWORDS MAN!!! PRICELESS!!! We’re talking REAL K here. Ones you earn in battle or in inheritance from a real Magu that lives up on Fiji mountain and floats under waterfalls :P Anyway, I’d love to see the faces of the custom’s employees when they open the box.

    Would be nice to own one for myself. Who knows could be reeeeeaal handy *wiggling eyebrows*

  4. Mo Hat

    They’re replicas Sushi, and from an anime. =/

  5. Oooohh, they’d look great on the wall… and could come in handy too, lol…

  6. Kim

    Home defense mixed with home decor. nice

  7. I want both of them now but like you said gottta see if customs would clear them guess ima have to ask around

  8. jitaroo

    my friend ordered that exact sword!!!!! i swear to god, and he had no problems whatsover. The thing is very thin, but really long!!! you cant even pull it out from the sheath like how the espada take it out in the anime right now!! you have to hold it sideways and pull it. And its very blunt, so dont wory about it being sharp

  9. I remember a certain Samurai sword incident 10 years ago with Marzouq.

    When I think of a Samurai sword I don’t think of Feudal Japan anymore, I think of Bruce Willis going kamikaze on a henchman in PULP FICTION.

  10. MR. Solutions: Find me a solution?

    Mo Hat: Thanks for the correction! I mixed it up! Byakuya is powerful as well!

    Mark: hmmm, I would be tempted to get these beasts! These are extremely long!

    Sushi: hahahaha! These are $80, replica swords not to be used! The real swords are a lot more! around 2000 – 4000! But I want to see you use one! lol!

    Mo Hat: yup!

    Shaymaa: yup!!

    Kim: I wonder what you can slice with it!

    TAT: I agree!!! I want it bad!

    jitaroo: Thats fantastic, I don’t want anything thats sharp, I just want the really cool sword!

    Amer: Forever gone!!! lol!

  11. FUll meTal MUTT

    well ichigo never really had a shiki but i guess u can say his sword now is his shiki sort of. just that remember that he had ruki power and thats y he didnt have zangetsu. but yet after he lost it urhanna awoken his power which is zangetsu. but yeah there some websites with customs tho. just google it.

  12. Austin

    I have the first sword.. although it has black where the red is on this one.. and a better chain. but isn’t the second sword not his bankai sword? And doesn’t it have more of a cream color to the wrapping and not white? Just wondering..

  13. Bleahc Fan

    Dude, you’re not even advertising the swords right. The one you’re talking about with the so called first stage of bankai, is called his shikai. there is a big difference.

  14. Jeffrey A

    I have both the shiki and the bonkai. One is on the wall the other is right behind my bedroom door. My friends saw the shiki sword and ran out the door. They wouldn’t come back over for three weeks. So I say get them both.

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