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The Wedding!


This was one hell of an event, about 16 guys came from the US for my friend’s wedding in Egypt. I was the only guy traveling from Kuwait, and I knew it was going to be one hell of day. I was with the groom most of the day and he was relaxing, we were around the hotel most of the day. I realized early in the morning that the hotel lost my tie, but I remembered wear they sell nice ties so I want to the First Mall next to the old Four Seasons.


The wedding was at the Four Seasons Nile which is where I was staying. My friend and I were taking our time, and I knew it would only take me at most 15 minutes to get ready. Getting all the guys to be there on time is another subject. The setting was nice, but the atmosphere was better since everyone was very happy and excitement was in the air.


Then the groom entered and we were cheering for him, I haven’t seen that guy this happy in a while! Its just a good feeling seeing your friend really happy, and there were dancers in front of him so I wanted to see where he was looking. I was laughing so hard most of the night, and we just kept on going until everybody left for the night. It was a fantastic night with a lot of good friends, I didn’t stay still for most of the time I was there.