The Wedding!


This was one hell of an event, about 16 guys came from the US for my friend’s wedding in Egypt. I was the only guy traveling from Kuwait, and I knew it was going to be one hell of day. I was with the groom most of the day and he was relaxing, we were around the hotel most of the day. I realized early in the morning that the hotel lost my tie, but I remembered wear they sell nice ties so I want to the First Mall next to the old Four Seasons.


The wedding was at the Four Seasons Nile which is where I was staying. My friend and I were taking our time, and I knew it would only take me at most 15 minutes to get ready. Getting all the guys to be there on time is another subject. The setting was nice, but the atmosphere was better since everyone was very happy and excitement was in the air.


Then the groom entered and we were cheering for him, I haven’t seen that guy this happy in a while! Its just a good feeling seeing your friend really happy, and there were dancers in front of him so I wanted to see where he was looking. I was laughing so hard most of the night, and we just kept on going until everybody left for the night. It was a fantastic night with a lot of good friends, I didn’t stay still for most of the time I was there.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. nawara

    chinik imkarish

  2. No offense intended Marzouq, but that’s why I hate it when people use their phone cameras and start taking pictures in weddings… The pictures would either be spread via bluetooth or be published online like this. Now that it’s your friend’s wedding, maybe it’s not a problem as long as he’s ok with it. But some people who go to weddings of people not “very” close to them still take pictures of the wedding and spread them around.. that sucks big time and I seriously hate it. Actually in my brother’s wedding I broke a phone of someone whom was taking pictures (or actually videos) of some of our female relatives dancing in the wedding, he couldn’t open his mouth though because he knew very well that it was wrong.

    Nevertheless, the wedding looks really nice & neat. Congrats to your friend and may he finds happiness and joyful with his better half w 3oqbalak inshallah . ;-)

  3. Amjad I don’t think anything or anyone is showing in these pictures and thats why marzouq chose these pictures to post on his blog.

  4. Mike: the groom isn’t/wasn’t showing in two pictures ?

  5. i LOVE egyptian weddings!!

    alot more fun than ours!

  6. amjad, akeed his friend knew that he’s taking pictures or else he would have said something about it.

    marzouq, elfaal lik inshallah.

  7. nawara: maybe! lol

    Laialy: mashkoora! Yup its was nice!

    Amjad: In this situation its different, my friend knew all of us were taking pictures and you can’t tell at all what the groom looks like from the pictures, I made sure to take moving or blurred pictures to give it a fun affect and just a joyous event. I totally understand how you feel, and in all weddings in Kuwait I have never taking a camera.

    Mark: yup!

    Amjad: You can see the groom but you can’t tell what he looks like to a certain degree!

    eshda3wa: They were a lot of fun! Thats for sure!

    pearls: yup, everyone knew and everyone was taking pictures! maskhoora! :)

  8. zahed

    HASAFAAAAAAA I WASNT THERE walaaaa i feel really bad for not going kilaaa minik zooki

  9. nice suit man…like the tie…:)

  10. zahed: Shasawy, you should have went!

    Maze: Thanks!

  11. El Aly

    hehe :)

  12. Mohammed

    15 guys coming from States to attend ur friend’s wedding must be very close friends because it doesn’t happen very often. He is lucky to have such good friends.

  13. Ely Aly: Your an idiot!

    Mohammed: He is a good friend that deserves it!

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