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Hot Girls of 2007

After thinking through who are the hottest women in 2007 this is the list that I came up with, from the movies that I saw and the publicity all over the web and tv. The criteria is very simple they have to have some sort of high publicity in movies, tv, or real life and look gorgeous and these women fit the bill.

Megan Fox

She did an amazing job with Transformers, and she looked really hot working on the rod. A hot woman who knows how to use her tools, couldn’t be any hotter.

Kim Kardashian

He has become the second Paris Hilton but she is hot and not anorexic.

Hayden Panettiere

She is still not legal, but she has done a great job with being the perfect girl on Heroes.

Jessica Biel

Always a hot one but this year she outdid herself with the GQ spread. She has been in a couple of good movies, and I think she has amazing curves.