Hot Girls of 2007

After thinking through who are the hottest women in 2007 this is the list that I came up with, from the movies that I saw and the publicity all over the web and tv. The criteria is very simple they have to have some sort of high publicity in movies, tv, or real life and look gorgeous and these women fit the bill.

Megan Fox

She did an amazing job with Transformers, and she looked really hot working on the rod. A hot woman who knows how to use her tools, couldn’t be any hotter.

Kim Kardashian

He has become the second Paris Hilton but she is hot and not anorexic.

Hayden Panettiere

She is still not legal, but she has done a great job with being the perfect girl on Heroes.

Jessica Biel

Always a hot one but this year she outdid herself with the GQ spread. She has been in a couple of good movies, and I think she has amazing curves.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. let me rank them for u ;) :
    1. Kim Kardashian
    2. Megan Fox
    3. Jessica Biel
    4. Hayden Panettiere (no hate, bes the competition u put her in is very hard :P)

  2. Mohammed

    3LA RC.

  3. lfc-q8

    hmm where did u see kim?

  4. Kim Kardashian is really sexy … Hyden is all cute … Jessica has nothing going for her … and Megan looks dumb, there is something off about her face

  5. SoS

    oh! women…..always been in awe of the power they posses!

    Megan is hawt gotta love her hazel eyes n figure!
    Kim is voluptuous, great looks but too much junk in the trunk.
    Hayden is ADORABLE, period!
    Jessica, well honestly her face always looks busted but she has the body of a Greek goddess, undeniably top notch!

    All these are women are uniquely beautiful in their own way, now what kind of a straight guy can deny their awesomeness!!

  6. KWT23: hmm interesting ranking!

    Mohammed: huh?

    lfc-q8: online, everywhere!

    Laialy: looool! Women have a slightly different point of view then men! lol! :)

    Sos: I agree with you that nobody can resist them thats for sure! :)

  7. Jessica Beil’s body is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

  8. FUZZ

    “she looked really hot working on the rod. A hot woman who knows how to use her tools”

    hahahahahahahaha… um, can i bluetooth me a clip of that?

  9. FUZZ

    *can u

  10. Cerebral Assassin

    emilie de ravin

  11. i think i’m in love again hihihi

  12. Kim KardASSian is a hot b**** coz she has like armanian or arabic or eastern origins or whatever. Megan fox is filthy with too many tattoos, hayden is annoying…

  13. kelhom 7ilweeeeen!!! abadan ma a7tar minhom! bravol 3leek thoqik 7ilo ;)

  14. EniGma: I agree!!!

    FUZZ: hahaha! Transformers would be the right movie! Long time no see!

    Cerebral Assassin: Nothing special

    Zed: hahaha!

    hammoodee: hmmmm to each his own!

    Ms. D: mashkoora! All Brunettes except for the young one!

    Outkasty: 7araam 3alaich!!! lol

  15. Mohammed

    Just to let u know guys, Kim has implants in her butt

  16. Very hot indeed. I’m no longer feeling cold right now. I needed that, thanks Marzouq ;)

  17. lol yeah, very hot.. That actress in chuck is also hot but there’s not a lot of info about her.. and not too many pictures, well havent found much!

  18. Marzouq, you obviously didn’t get it lol!

    awalan : YOU 7aram 3alaik

    thaniyan : check what you wrote under Kim :P kil-hatha o HE!!?? :P

  19. Mohammed: Who cares!

    Angelo: hahaha! No problem!

    N: I have seen her before, but these are the women who made an impact this year!

    Outkasty: looool! I’m a simple man! :)

  20. mohsen

    thank you so much for your site.

  21. selva Dubia

    She is still not legal, but she has done a great job with being the perfect girl on Heroes.

  22. relay all pics are very hot pic. but Megan Fox is more hot for other models.

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