A Cold Day


This was a long three day weekend which was filled with a lot of riding, I woke up from 6 calls in a row from Monichum since I was deep in sleep. Getting up in the morning and gearing up to go for a long day of riding didn’t take long since I was looking forward to it.


We went straight to the Miseela gas station to fill up before heading out, we started out just warming up the bikes just so it gets warmer. It also takes about 20 – 30 minutes of riding to warm up the tires since its really cold. We headed towards Fahaheel, I wanted to go take some pictures in that area and so we were enjoying the road. We entered from Manguf so that we can enjoy the inside road for a bit which we did.


There was one intersection which I launched quickly and suddenly I was on one wheel. It looked very professional yet I had no clue how to pull a wheeli so I got the bike back down quicker. The weather was just very nice, but it was still very cold. Then we headed on our way to Al Koot for a quick stop then headed to Marina Mall for a quick breakfast before heading out again. The best thing about the whole day was that streets were really empty and we were enjoying ourselves thoroughly all day long. The cold was perfect, but it got so cold to the point our bikes were dropping in temperature and it was the only thing keeping us warm.

















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. monichum

    Z. the quality of these pictures are better than the other pics.

  2. Tiny Potato

    Have you been using a new lense for your camera? Your recent pictures have this sort of mellow/professional finishing unlike the old ones which were good also but these are perfect mashallah.

  3. ee 9a7 pictures r really nice i love the second coffee pic

  4. camera’s changed only (^_^) “`

    PICs were good bcoz it is resized (smaller than original),, must see the full size of the PIC to judge

  5. monichum: that is for sure!

    EniGma: Just a little! lol!

    Rashisha: I just have to!

    Tiny Potato: I agree, the old ones were good because I was using a point and shoot, which is easy to carry these ones are taken with a DSLR so there is a big difference! :)

    Laialy: Very fun!

    EniGma: Thanks :) Its Hot Chocolate!

    vampire: Some of the full size are pretty damn good!

  6. hey, this is a random question but since u seem to be into bike’s so it seems reasonable to ask you. do u have any idea if there is any place in q8 were a person can learn to ride a bike… ?

  7. z: yes there is training from tristar, they offer training and help you get your motorcycle license in Kuwait!

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