Damn Cold!!


What the hell is this cold! Where the hell did it come from, I like the cold more then I do the heat but not when I have work, going to work early the morning in this cold makes it difficult to get up, getting the car moving is another issue. 4C is damn cold early in the morning and I want to warm the car right up by putting it in gear and launching so that I warm up the car forcefully but sometimes its so cold the car has a hard time getting in gear since it hasn’t really warmed up.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and getting things done in the morning is getting more difficult since I feel lazy. I am enjoying this cold since I get to ride more, but at least you can keep yourself warm with clothing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. bil 3aaaks! The cold is good!! Gives us a chance to relax 3ugub hal 7ar ili yanaa.. oo mabuga shay 3ala il heat. theech il sa3a bita7al6am akthar.

  2. :( we lost! those chargers kill us every time!

  3. love summer .. hate winter .. i am such a summer girl

  4. i totally love the cold
    2 words 4 u


  5. haha, tell me about it.. I get up everyday at 7am and walk for around 10 mins to my class and at that time it’s usually 0C if not -1C or -2C… I really feel so freakin’ lazy waking up in that cold and even WALK to my class!!!!

    I hate winter.

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

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  7. man up brother man up, this is only the begining, its going to get colder

  8. Lexicon

    i thought that was cold too until i tranfered to university in montreal…4 C is a day for a picnic in the winter! imagine walking to class in -30?

  9. I like summer… I do miss the winter in the summer, but deep inside I like the summer more.

  10. i saw a 2 degrees sign in my car going south to work just before 7 am

    cloth wont keep me warm in this desert cold

    since i wake up in the morning until a go to bed at night, my fingers and toes will be freezing cold,, i hate winter,, HATE IT~!

  11. ana safart o yakum il-bard, shda3wa is it that cold?? wela ga3deen etbalghoun =/

  12. Kim

    Sure you can rely on clothes to keep you warm, but there are also some good drinks that will warm you right up.

  13. This Lady: Cold is good but not when you have to work early in the morning! lol!

    MSB: I know!!!

    Laialy: I like the cold, but this killing me!

    eshda3wa: hahahaha! Don’t think so!

    Amjad: I say put on some clothes and get Segway to take you to all your classes!

    Corolla Man: Un6ur its going to get even colder here!

    Zed: I know!!! hahaha!

    Lexicon: That is just something else! That is why you have underground transportation!

    Ansam: I have switched to winter more these days, I really do like the winter because you can eat and drink something warm to keep you warm!

    pearls: coollldd…

    vampire: looool! It is just getting ridiculous how cold it is!

    Outkasty: THAT COLD!

    Kim: Drinks just aint cutting it!!lol! I want to sleep in more, thats the problem!

  14. Then drink something cold (slush, ice cream,….etc) in the summer :-P

  15. Freezing i tell you, I would prefer if it actually snowed rather than have this cold!

  16. Ansam: coollddd!

    N: I agree!! Then its just that! Cold!!

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