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Hi Definition


There is all this talk about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, to me they are the same high quality movies and tv series that I have been seeing for the past year. I have an HD-DVD player so I decided to purchase a few old school movies that I love in HD-DVD since I could just add them to my library of movies.


Over the past week we watched the first movie which is Army of Darkness which is a cult classic from the 80s. I didn’t know what to expect but I was extremely surprised by the quality, I have to say that I give Hi Def movies a 10/10, and I could see so much in this old movie, of course the special affects weren’t too special but still the quality of the movie itself is unquestionable.


When we watched Lethal Weapon it looked like a high quality Indie movie, it was amazing to see Mel Gibson so young, and I do enjoy Danny Glover, he is one of the actors that I really liked form the 80s. We really enjoyed this movie and the quality the movie was amazing and nothing beats a good action movie from the 80s.

If you are thinking about going with Hi-Definition then it isn’t a mistake since it just lets you enjoy all these old movies that you love. Next on the list is Blade Runner, I have it in HD-DVD but I have to watch it with the right people, I haven’t seen it before so I don’t want to ruin my first time watching it.