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Review: Inukami


Plot Summary: Inukami are demons with the apearence of a dog which protect the humans from other demons. However, Keita, a descendant of a historic Inukami-tamer family, lacked their gift, and so he was forsaken by the family. One day, an Inukami named Yoko came in to his life, and from then on, Keita’s life would never be the same. Although Yoko was really beautiful, she was a problematic Inukami that no one had been able to control, and from that moment the endless train of Keita’s embarrassments was without end.


Keita is the black sheep of the family he got stuck with an Inukami who is basically a delenquent. Basically Youko is the black sheep of the Inukami and Keita is the black sheep of the Kawahira’s Inukami. Oddly they seem to be the perfect match, and they get into some crazy adventures together. Keita is basically a heathen who is chasing other women and trying to have as many women as possible, he also gets beaten up at every moment by Youko because she feels he is unfaithful to her and he thinks that she has no right. It is a hilarious circle, this is an enteratining anime which keeps you laughing, lots of sexual comedy, and there is a bit of serious undertone to it. Overall just a funny anime to enjoy.

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