Anime Filled Weekend


I haven’t been watching some of this anime for a while but since it was a long weekend I decided to watch some episodes of anime that I haven’t seen in a while. The result of that was that I lost sleep because I was watching anime, but the stories were getting damn good so I couldn’t stop watching the episodes that I had.


This Weekend:

  • 6 Eipsodes of Inukami (Finshed the series)
  • 26 Episodes of Bleach (Now at 122)
  • 6 Episodes of Naruto (Now at 31)
  • 1 Episode of Zegapain

I could literally go days without sleeping just watching anime! Not enough time in the day to do that!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Badar

    Whats ur take on Dragon Ball Z, Its the only anime i watched, I have all the episodes, inculding DragonBall, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, like a 120GB worth of DBZ (all Thanks to Torrent sites :) I heard alot of hype about Naruto and Bleach. Are they any good?

    BTW, if want a copy of DBZ, let me know.

  2. I Know what you mean … when i got into Naruto i couldn’t stop … its gets so addictive

  3. A friend if mine tried to get me hooked on anime a while back, but following subtitles was too tiring!

  4. Bader: DBZ was good in the beginning but it got so damn long that they used a lot of fillers which got annoying so I stopped following it! Naruto and Bleach as fantastic! I used to follow DBZ back in the day in the late 90s then I stopped!

    Laiay: Nonstop!

    EniGma: I love subtitles!

    Ansam: Can’t stop!

  5. i wish i can understand japanese, they’re so funny when they start screaming

  6. Badar

    Ya, i know what you mean Marzouq, I think that they made it too long (over 300 episodes, not inculding the movies) and in some episodes nothing really happens, but you gotta love the fight scenes :) Im downloading Bleach and Naruto,
    Enigma, why don’t you watch the English Dubbed Anime, Reading subtitles is ok but sometimes i wanna pay more attention to watching rather than reading. And the squeaky voices are funny :)

  7. j0e

    @ Z..

    Naruto and Bleach are one of the best animes out there. Wait till u reach the Naruto shippuden series. My advice.. skip the filler episodes..(136 to 220)..

  8. EniGma: yup, I want to learn Japanese!!!

    Badar: The Japanese dialouge is just so much better then a lot of the low quality dub! That is my main problem with dubs!

    joe: What I am watching is Naruto Shippuuden, which is a lot better then the nomal Naruto!!

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