Kuwait Shooting Range – Rifles


I had the sudden urge the other day to go to the gun range, so I called up every person that I thought who might be interested to go. It was the same day that Bush came to town so there was traffic everywhere and the people who decided to go were coming from every direction. It took us about an hour and half to get together when usually it takes only 20 minutes. I also managed to miss one turn so I had to go back to get to the Equestrian Club which is next to the shooting range, the way I was driving I was going no where fast.


After finally getting to the gun range in this adventure we gave our civil IDs or any form of ID we had at the time to the Guard so that we would enter. We walked straight down and we were all pumped up to go to the rifle shooting range to do some sniping, living the role of the sniper. We picked the 22m hornet bullets since they are of a decent size and I liked that rifle, hits the target on the mark and you feel like a king.


For 10 rounds it would cost 5 KD so four of us got 20 rounds each and it cost a total of 10 KD per person and we were 4 people. There were a few people in front of us so we just waited but we couldn’t hear anything since it would be deafening if we were walking around without ear protection. When it came to our turn only three could shoot at a time since they only had 3 rifles of that kind which was perfect for me so that I could snap away. It is a lot of fun shooting, and you could see all these guys shooting specific areas and making a huge effort to hit the target, when it came to my turn I was making an effort to keep hitting inside the box of the head and making the “A” symbol disappear from the bullet shots.


For 10 KD worth of bullets it was a lot of fun, and we had just enough of it to get a bite to eat after that. Next time we are going to go to the gun range which is a little bit more difficult and your wrist will hurt depending on the gun you take, and being men we shall take the ones with the biggest bang!













A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I LOVE the shooting range. The last pic makes an awesome background.

  2. Badar

    Cool pics. The first time I went was two weeks ago, ever snice, i’ve been there like 5 times,its very addictive. The horrent is great, you should try the 9mm HK or the 9mm Beretta, both have an amazing feel and the right amount of power, not too much recoil like the higher caliber handguns.

  3. Cool! I love the last pic….
    Now you are considered dangerous LOL

  4. The last pic looks nice…I have to go and give it a try some day!

  5. Kim

    hehe rifles are fun. makes you feel like mark wahlberg in shooter. As far as handguns go, I’m a bit of a revolver gal myself. I like the Colt .357 magnum. It’s a nice shot.

  6. Rifle shooting range huh. That seems an original thing to do beside qaz LOL :D

    I have to admit though, when I read Bush in your post I thought you had different intention…I’m soooooo bad.

  7. I loved it been there a few times, and every time I try some different weapon and it always a different experience and all too good!

  8. Ali Khalaf (Bahrain)

    Thats cool. I didn’t know that u have such a nice shooting range in Kuwait. I have to visit this place in my next visit.

  9. Man I tired everything except the rifle! (goes to shooting range)

  10. Jewaira

    Let it all out of your system guys

  11. EniGma: Thanks! Its a lot of fun!

    Badar: I have tried those hand guns, but there is something about being able to snipe that I love!

    Stallion: loool! It was on a whim!

    Ansam: Very dangerous!! Took a ton of pics!

    Amu: Its worth it!

    Kim: EXACTLY! The Shooter was just something else and very well done! wow, that is one hell of a revolver!!

    Angelo: Its just one of things available in Kuwait which is a lot of fun! hahaha! I am Mark Walhberg, be ready!

    N: Exactly, its just really nice and different!

    Ali Khalaf: Its one the things that they managed to do without too many rules to deal with, it is really nice, when you visit let me know I will take you there!

    pearls: YES!!!!

    Outkasty: Next to the Equestrian Club in Sabhaan

    MacaholiQ8: The Rifle is worth it, you feel like you are really hitting it!

    Jewaira: There was more that needed to be done!

  12. that looked like a lot of fun although going to a shooting range on the day Bush was in town is a bit risky .. no! :p
    will give it a try inshalla

  13. jack

    do they allowed me to rent a gun and practice target shooting in this range? how can you explain it ro me.

  14. Venkata

    Can any one please tell the address of this place

  15. This is off Ring Road no 6. You have to take exit 401 and drive towards Equestrian Club side. Once on 401, display boards indicating “Shooting Range” will take you to the place easily. Don’t forget carrying your civil IDs. They are required at the entry.

  16. Roro

    Im new in Kuwait Is this some kind of a club? can we get in or is it by membership?

  17. Praveen Krishna R

    Hey guys,
    I also would like to go to the shooting range. I stay in Kuwait. Where is this shooting range ? and please guide me.

    Thanks in advance,

  18. K S Shyam

    Hi Praveen,

    Take 6th Ring Road and keep moving towards Jahra. After crossing Road No 40, keep looking for Exit 401 to the right. Once you exit the road further bifurcates and there is a signage “Shooting Range” from there you keep following the signages all along. It is next to the Equestarian Club and Golf Course.



    Whats the smallest age that is accepted in the shooting range?

  20. Chuck Norris

    how much does it cost?

  21. MG

    Is it open for girls?

  22. Mona

    I was wondering if this wud be an awsome place to go on my birthday :p
    hopefully they will allow girls :(

  23. Shyam

    Indeed, girls are allowed; in fact they shoot quite well there!

  24. Sreekumar pattathil

    Hi guys, Ed like to join rifle shooting club.its such a game always bring us back.Its been almost 15 years I went to a shooting club.la let me kw the address…cheers

  25. David

    Hey man, where exactly is the shooting range? I was in the Canadian Forces Reserve years ago, but haven’t fired a weapon for a while. I would really like to go do some shooting! Also, do you just pay per bullet, or is there a base fee for using the range/weapons?

  26. @David – Hey David! U can go, you pay for the gun and 12 bullets, then you keep paying for a pack of bullets, its just behind Sahara Golf Club off of 6th Ring Road!

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