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Kuwait Shooting Range – Rifles


I had the sudden urge the other day to go to the gun range, so I called up every person that I thought who might be interested to go. It was the same day that Bush came to town so there was traffic everywhere and the people who decided to go were coming from every direction. It took us about an hour and half to get together when usually it takes only 20 minutes. I also managed to miss one turn so I had to go back to get to the Equestrian Club which is next to the shooting range, the way I was driving I was going no where fast.


After finally getting to the gun range in this adventure we gave our civil IDs or any form of ID we had at the time to the Guard so that we would enter. We walked straight down and we were all pumped up to go to the rifle shooting range to do some sniping, living the role of the sniper. We picked the 22m hornet bullets since they are of a decent size and I liked that rifle, hits the target on the mark and you feel like a king.


For 10 rounds it would cost 5 KD so four of us got 20 rounds each and it cost a total of 10 KD per person and we were 4 people. There were a few people in front of us so we just waited but we couldn’t hear anything since it would be deafening if we were walking around without ear protection. When it came to our turn only three could shoot at a time since they only had 3 rifles of that kind which was perfect for me so that I could snap away. It is a lot of fun shooting, and you could see all these guys shooting specific areas and making a huge effort to hit the target, when it came to my turn I was making an effort to keep hitting inside the box of the head and making the “A” symbol disappear from the bullet shots.


For 10 KD worth of bullets it was a lot of fun, and we had just enough of it to get a bite to eat after that. Next time we are going to go to the gun range which is a little bit more difficult and your wrist will hurt depending on the gun you take, and being men we shall take the ones with the biggest bang!