Review: 28 Weeks Later


I was curious as to  how they were going to make this movie, 28 Days Later was a different type of Horror/Thriller movie. I really liked the original and the unique idea they had, making it look like that people had to survive. So this movie takes place 6 months after the virus has hit and a lot of those infected monsters have died from starvation. This time the US Army Steps in to help Great Britain, they established a safe zone inside London for them to repopulate and start again. There were a few odd things happening and things didn’t go as smoothly as they planned. This movie gets interesting, but nothing like the original, you get a scare from it but not the same feeling as that man who was fighting for his life. Towards the end it seems like the US Military vs. the Zombies but thats my take on it. There is a little more to it, but there are better movies out there.


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  1. Badar

    There are some scenes that i like but 28 days is way better.

  2. punky

    i really like the first one, so i was really looking forward to the second. its good but not as good as the original.

  3. kind of reminds me of i am legend

  4. Damn those Americans. They mess up everything including great horror flicks.

    …I kid!!

  5. Ansam: I was dissapointed

    Badar: very much!

    punky: exactly!

    Yara: I am legend is extremely better then this!

    offmyhead: looooooool!

    Angelo: looool!

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