Clean Shave


I have had the urge for the past couple of weeks to shave my beard/goatee off completely. I want to get that clean feeling without having to feel like somethings itches and I have to scratch it. Thats the annoying feeling when things start to get ridiculous with the beard. The fact of the matter is that I know it will have some sort of affect when dealing with work and I don’t feel like dealing with something like that, so I’m delaying the inevitable. I might get a clean up shave to get things tidied up but I want to shave everything off at some point, but when.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. do it today! noowwww what u waiting for?

    (ya3ny encouraging u)

  2. Kim

    Does shaving really have a big effect at work? At my work the guys had a beard-growing competition, but that is the only thing that I think of as being a big deal. If u want to be smooth, than go 4 it.

  3. Katie

    The only one looking good with facial hair is Santa Claus. ;) Take it off, I’m sure you’ll look yummy!

  4. I tried shaving it all off but I guess playing with the gotee has become a habit of sorts so my advice is try it out will take a week to grow back anyways or if it gets too long trim it

  5. If he shaves the men in his office will hit on him and refer to him as ‘fadwa’ – these are serious work implications.

  6. Kim

    hmmm, that does sound serious, funny, but serious. What about chicks? If the ladies are going for it, I’m sure that’s worth some mocking at work.

  7. KWT23: Just one of those things!

    EniGma: loool! Contemplating!

    Kim: Yeah, its a middle east thing!

    Katie: lool! I’m not even close to santa! I feel cleaner though!

    TAT: Im thinking of trimming everything then shaving! hmmm

    amer: loool!

    Kim: It doesn’t matter, its just work! But I’m thinking of doing something! :)

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