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Good Luck Chuck


Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) is a man who has been cursed since he was young, but the curse that was put on him by a girl that liked him got worse as he dated more girls. The curse says that after having sex with Charlie a woman would get married to the man after him, and this spread through to many women. He is a dentist that wasn’t looking for something like this, and then there is his friend Stuart or Dr. Stu who is a plastic surgeon and he is dirty as ever. This is one of the funniest chick flicks I have seen in a long time, the only way for Charlie to break the curse is to fall in love and that is what happens when he meets Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba) but he is afraid of the curse by this point that he would lose her. Things work out differently after a while, and the insanity start from that point. It is a very funny movie, I’m not the biggest fan of Dane Cook but he did a pretty good job playing Charlie. Two thirds of the movie is hilarious in the situation that was going on with Charlie and his curse, the last third of this movie is about him falling for Cam so it isn’t too bad as a chick flick, a lot of guys would enjoy this movie.


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