Japanese Bug Fights


I have said this before, and I will say this again, I think that the Japanese are one of the funniest bunch of people in the world. They have the craziest shows and most extreme things going on in these shows.

Who the hell thinks up of a show which is all about the strangest bugs fighting until the last bitter, at first I thought it was funny as hell and the commentary is just priceless. I didn’t understand any of the commentary but the enthusiasm behind it was powerful. I watched a few and I was curious about certain bugs and which ones would win, if you don’t like bugs then you really shouldn’t open this, this isn’t for the weak of heart, this is for those who want to see the strangest creatures go at it.

Link: JapaneseBugFight

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. why do japanese scream when they talk? =/ ba6ba6 athone!

  2. Laziale: No Prob!

    Outkasty: its just in them because they are quiet all the time!

  3. El Aly

    hahahaha awesome zooky!! only thing I understood from the round I watched, ” scooooooooooooorpion!!”

  4. El Aly: yeah the scorpion thing got me laughing!

  5. flex

    nice page, but it would be much better, if not almost all fights where so unfair…
    but the comments are really priceless ^^

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