Corvette ZR1


I have always been a fan of the Corvette, and I have just loved the Corvette Z06, and I wasn’t expecting GM to come up with a beast such as this. The Corvette ZR1 is the top of the breed from GM, and it is meant to destroy every machine on four wheels and maybe even two wheels.


With 620 bhp and 595 lb.ft torque at the tip of your toes you can reach your destination very quickly and the top speed in excess of 200 mph which is just ridiculous. The challenge has been issued and this machine is no joke. They have used a lot of carbon fiber panels to make this a lighter machine. It comes with all the options available for the Z06 and ZR1 is embroidered into the interior. So you will be comfortably be beating every machine on the road. I like this machine in both the blue and black color, and I wouldn’t mind just trying a machine like this.








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  1. i’ve been in a Z06 and i find it ridiculously fast,, what about this one ?! “

  2. zahed

    waaaaaaaw what a car do you think alghanim will start selling this monster

  3. Punky

    the Z06 is such a real beast, I can’t imagine what a pent up bundle of fury this is going to be. I really hope they sell them here.

  4. Too much power .. simple tuning + parts will unlock tons of potential hp.

  5. Hasan.B

    A very ugly car, the americans are the best in building very ugly ones! They should have a course on how to build cars in italy or germany!

  6. I think its beautiful .. just lose the rims and engine glass thing.

  7. Vette Lover

    I have two vettes.. A ’79 L48 and a 69 Stingray. I’m partial to the classic body styles and haven’t really liked any newer body styles until the latest generation came along.

    However, This is a fine machine.. Wish I could afford one without going into debt.

    I agree with K.. lose the wheels. GM has really never done a good job with wheel design. For that matter, most car manufactuers don’t do well with wheels. And the hood glass is a rip off from Ferrari.

  8. vampire: Just something else!

    zahed: Maybe.. I’m honestly not sure!

    Stallion: Thats just ridiculous! but Tax Deductable!

    Laialy: if it was a shoe you would see everything! lol

    Punky: Me too, but I hope its a reasonable price for this machine! Not too marked up!

    K: This thing is a monster… it will eat machines!

    Hasan.B: What are you talking about! Its a beautiful machine!!!

    K: I agree!

    Vette Lover: If you ever become an owner, just post up pictures!

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