Logitech diNovo Mini


Logitech diNovo Mini is a great new product from Logitech for those PCs that you need to connect to but don’t want a huge keyboard.


Its about the size of a smartphone and can in the palm of your hand. It has a lot windows functionality integrated into it with the full QWERTY Keyboard, the best part is that it has an integrated ClickPad which functions as both a trackpad and directional pad.


With this you won’t need a keyboard and mouse, and it can easily be stored in any location and with the Bluetooth connection it can work from up to 30 feet (10 Meters away)

Price: $150

Link: OhGizmo

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  1. Ahmad

    I’ve already placed my pre-order with amazon.

  2. So this is just a keyboard or a mini laptop?Tell me more. I’m looking for a very small laptop.

  3. Ahmad: Very nice!

    BIE: No its just a small keyboard/mouse for an HTPC!

    K: I want the Harmony 1 tooooo!

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