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1098S After 10 Months


I have been riding the 1098S for around 10 months now, it has been one hell of an experience. This is one amazing machine and Ducati got everything right with this bike. I know personally that I don’t have half the skills needed to bring out its potential. I have gotten comfortable with this Ducati over the past 10 months, it has taken me some time since I had some issues with the racing slipper clutch, but since its back to the normal one I now know how this machine will react to my throttle input.

I feel confident around the corners and I feel that I could go faster and that it can handle more then what I can dish out, I love that feeling. I get this rush when I’m on this machine, and I even feel that I am getting better throttle control then I have before and I testing out a few different things to know how Pyro reacts. I do love this machine and everything about it, you can feel the attitude that it has. Now all I want to do is try this bike out on a track, time to see some of those tours in Italy.