Hot Chocolate Kuwait


I have had hot chocolate in different locations throughout Kuwait, and I have to say that there are some places which get it right some that just can’t seem to get it right. Right now this is my break down, and its the best time to have a hot chocolate in the cold weather these days.


  1. La Pan
  2. Johnny Rockets
  3. Coffee Bean
  4. Costa Coffee
  5. Starbucks

Surprisingly the Starbucks hot chocolate is the worst one, its not bad it just tastes like a melted chocolate bar instead of hot chocolate.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    i tried the stuckbucks and yes its bad. in the states i used to love the dunkn dounts hotchocolate it was amazing i dont know if its any good in kuwait

  2. pink

    british airways cadbury hotcoco…my god!

  3. K: It sounds like Pain!

    chikapappi: I haven’t tried that, I will try it!

    lfc-q8: I haven’t tried in Kuwait, but the Starbucks Hot Chocolate in Kuwait is bad.

    pink: hmmm, haven’t tried that.

  4. ???

    Basically you wouldn’t pronounce the the ‘I’ and ‘N’ in Le Pain!

    So how will you drink this hot chocolate? Would you drink it the same way as if it was presented in a mug?

    I know that this the French way of presenting the hot chocolate but they would usually present it that way at home and not in cafes.

  5. I was gonna say Le Pain also :-P
    How about chocolate bar?
    They have Hot Chocolate, Dark Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate?
    I tried them all hehehehe

  6. i literally puke from starbucks hot chocolate. e3

  7. Yummy- I love Hot Chocolate!!!

    I wud have to say that Chocolate Bar has the best hot chocolate I have had in Kuwait.

    Definately Starbucks is the worst….Mc Donalds is better than that place.

  8. M

    I find Costa to taste better than Coffee bean, you should try colombus cafe hot chocolate as I find that to be the top in my book.

  9. Zabo0o6a

    i would agree with everyone who recommended chocolate bar hot chocolate ” italian hot chocolate” in specific , you gotta give it a try ;)

  10. kids hot choc – italian hot choc… both from choc bar.. wed3eeleey ;p

  11. I say Chocolate Bar, but then again i haven’t had a lot of chocolate milk in Kuwait. Am a big fan of KDD chocolate milk. Also Swiss Miss with marshmallows. U can’t go wrong with Swiss Miss.

  12. I say Chocolate Bar, but then again i haven’t had a lot of hot chocolate in Kuwait. Am a big fan of KDD chocolate milk. Tastes good heated too. Also Swiss Miss with marshmallows. U can’t go wrong with Swiss Miss.

  13. Sorry for the double comments. Bl ‘3ala6. Ignore the 1st and read the 2nd.

  14. El Aly

    Pink is spot on!! Did you try those warm soft cookies they give you with the hot chocolate? Oh maaaan next saturday I’ll be all over those flying the friendly skies haha

    Johnny Rockets has good hot chocolate? I always thought they specialized in burgers, hot dogs, and shakes…. not hot cocoa, good to know

  15. moocherx

    anything French sounds like pain…

  16. naseee7aa? try COLUMBUS hot chocolate, 3ajeeb!

  17. starbucks hot-chocolate in Kuwait is just NASTYYYY

    I make a mean hot chocolate ;)

  18. Johnny Rockets? That’s a surprising choice. And you better taste the one they have in Chocolate Bar; it’s quite tasty.

    I have been addicted to hot chocolate lately especially after a long day of experiencing the bitterness of Colorado’s cold weather.

  19. ???: Yes, you drink it as if its a mug, but more like a bowl of soup! Its really good :)

    Ansam: I haven’t tried Chocolate bar, but it seems I have to try it! Chocolate Bar seems to be a place where women frequent more then men! :)

    nq: well said!

    NoNoWa: Damn, so they are the worst! So Chocolate Bar it is!

    KWT23: lol!

    M: I will try it out, but its all about the location accessible to bikers!

    Zabo0o6a: Now it seems I have to try it out!

    Ms. D: I will do that! :)

    Shoush: KDD is something else! lol! What is Swiss Miss?

    El Aly: hahaha!

    K: Yup, we know where we are going!

    moocherx: hahaha!

    Outkasty: hmmm, I will try it out!

    Laialy: yup it is nasty, well you don’t sell your hot chocolate do you!!! lol

    Angelo: In the cold, hot chocolate just hits the spot!

  20. You should try the one at Café Blanc, it’s really good!

  21. Sou: I’m close to there, will check it out as well!

  22. Moolz

    Swiss-miss is a brand of instant hot chocolate, u’ll find it in Sultan. It’s tricky though cuz you gotta get the amount of hot water JUST right, or else it would be ‘watery’ and very bland.

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