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TV Shows Jan-08


Currently I have a pile up of TV Shows that I am following, I seem to be catching up with some shows because of the writers guild strike, but because I haven’t been following them as they have been showing so I have a good buffer so hopefully it will be over by the time I catch up to the normal timing.

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Friday Night Lights (S2)
  • Heroes (S2) *
  • Prison Break (S3)
  • Gossip Girl *
  • Chuck *
  • K-Ville
  • Damages
  • Dexter (S2)*
  • The Unit (S2/S3)
  • Stargate Atlantis *

* Denotes shows that I love

What I’m Keeping For Later:

  • Weeds
  • Family Guy ( S 5, 6)
  • The Wire
  • Joey