TV Shows Jan-08


Currently I have a pile up of TV Shows that I am following, I seem to be catching up with some shows because of the writers guild strike, but because I haven’t been following them as they have been showing so I have a good buffer so hopefully it will be over by the time I catch up to the normal timing.

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Friday Night Lights (S2)
  • Heroes (S2) *
  • Prison Break (S3)
  • Gossip Girl *
  • Chuck *
  • K-Ville
  • Damages
  • Dexter (S2)*
  • The Unit (S2/S3)
  • Stargate Atlantis *

* Denotes shows that I love

What I’m Keeping For Later:

  • Weeds
  • Family Guy ( S 5, 6)
  • The Wire
  • Joey

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  1. moocherx

    Has Chuck Season 2 finished yet? Seemed to end on an odd number of episodes, but I don’t know if it was just affected by the writer’s strike or not… Good series though.

  2. El Aly

    torrent the pilot for californication and see if you like it, its starring the X-Files guy

  3. yeah i agree with El.. you’ll like californication.. if for no other reason, the name alone should do it! :) you can also check out burn notice..

    oh, and i want that TV room!

  4. chuuuuuuuuuck chuck chuck hehehe

    isn’t Joey over? i think it is

  5. moocherx: Its still on season 1! They are all odd because of the writers strike!

    El Aly: I know about it fool!

    K: Will get it from you!

    MSB: loooool! Its a nice TV room, but not mine! What is Burn Notice?

    Laialy: It is over, but saving it for later!

  6. jitaroo

    omg dexter is the most amazing show ever!! if youve seen death note youll feel right at home, but dont worry, the ending isnt crappy like death note.

  7. jitaroo: I know what you mean, I loved the ending of death note, but your right you do feel at home!

    KWT23: looool! Will check it out!

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