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Network Magic Pro


I have had this issue with Vista sharing for a little bit now, and after trying so many different ways to get the network to communicate, I found this software solution.

This is a Home/Small Office NMS (Network Management System), there is the free version and the pro version which costs money. I checked out the software and it seems it does everything it says its supposed to do which was great for my needs.


As soon as I got things going with the software I could automatically access all my files for Vista and XP from any computer. The software costs $50 but for 8 PCs which is great, and you don’t have to install the software to able to access the files from XP to Vista or otherwise. You are not bound by the software but it really is a great and simple tool.

What you can do which I liked:

  • Intruder Detection (Shows you all people who have been or left the network)
  • Can detect flaws in the network (Wired/Wireless)
  • Monitor Network
  • Test Internet SpeedConnect
  • NAS devices
  • Access Files Remotely through Net2go, public or password protected address.
  • Very simple to use, intuitive

Overall I think its a great piece of software and for $50 you get to use for 8 PCs which is an extremely good deal. It works for both Macs and PCs, and it can connect both of them without too much of hassle.

Price: $50

Link: NetworkMagic