NFL – Patriots, Giants, and more


What can be said about this season, superbowl XLII is going to be one hell of a game. The Giants are the underdogs but they are not to be underestimated, and a Manning is making it to the superbowl and this time its Eli. Brady has had the best season of his carear, and winning the superbowl seems to be on his list.

 The games the past couple of weeks have kept us on egde, a lot of close calls and tough games but they have all been good. My 49ers team were obliterated, but I’m hoping for the best for next season. I’m just happy the Chargers made it this far, and I want them to win a superbowl but it isn’t going to be this one.

Week 17 was a close game but won by the Patriots, I just hope the Giants can stop the Patriots winning streak. Go Giants!

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  1. Kim

    This will be a fun game to watch. I’ve got the chips and beer ready!
    I’m sad about the Chargers loss too :(

  2. Mo Hat

    Patriots FTW.

  3. El Aly

    The spread for this game is probably going to be the highest one ever. Who honestly thinks the Pats are losing this game? I’ll root for the Giants, but they sadly have no chance

  4. mustafa

    it would be very disapointing for me to see the patriots lose cuz the won everygame this season so its underdogs vs. invincbles…

    (PATRIOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  5. MSB: yup!!!

    Outkasty: lol! Good to know he reads this blog! :D

    KWT23: Hell yeah!

    Kim: Very nice, I was sad about their loss! I wanted them to win!

    Mo Hat: HELL NO!!!!

    El Aly: Whats the spread? And I believe in Miracles!

    mustafa: Screw That!! GO GIANTS!!

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