On The List


You know when you have a full day, and you have lots of things on your mind to take care of from day to day, not including all the meetings and schedules. I keep forgetting a few things even when I write it down, I forget sometimes that I have a meeting at these specific days so that I don’t book it twice. Its pure insanity sometimes, but sometimes things manage to stay organized.

I want to install a few things on my machines, and I’m slowly organizing all the files I have between all the drives which is a lot better now.

I ordered my new A/V Receiver which is now stuck in customs which is to be expected.

I am also waiting for some new bike parts in the shipment, which is something to look forward.

I have the sudden urge to watch family guy and enjoy Peter’s Humor.

These were all thoughts that I’m having at the end of the day, a lot to do and very little time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hey dude, your blog is cool. Just one thing struck my mind, might be very inappropriate, but, isn’t that supposed to be “Personal” or even “Personnel” the name of the category, which actually reads “Personel”. I am not sure if thats a style, just thought to let you know that somewhere some corrections are to be made. Things are cool otherwise. Good Luck!

    – Aatif

  2. Busy as usual,

    Z whats the name of the device in the picture? I want one

  3. Some of the new episodes of Family Guy are hilarious. I think the new season has just released on DVD. Better go and snag one.

  4. Aatif: loool! Thanks, I know but I prefer the spelling that way, cause I always made that mistake so I made it my category, thanks!

    Outkasty: I do!!! lol

    Beyond Q8iya: Its a japanese phone, not sure what but only for sale in Japan! Move to japan and you get all your tech!

    Laialy: what happened?

    Angelo: I just keep downloading more and more!!

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