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On The List


You know when you have a full day, and you have lots of things on your mind to take care of from day to day, not including all the meetings and schedules. I keep forgetting a few things even when I write it down, I forget sometimes that I have a meeting at these specific days so that I don’t book it twice. Its pure insanity sometimes, but sometimes things manage to stay organized.

I want to install a few things on my machines, and I’m slowly organizing all the files I have between all the drives which is a lot better now.

I ordered my new A/V Receiver which is now stuck in customs which is to be expected.

I am also waiting for some new bike parts in the shipment, which is something to look forward.

I have the sudden urge to watch family guy and enjoy Peter’s Humor.

These were all thoughts that I’m having at the end of the day, a lot to do and very little time.