Polar & Cyclone Buff


Since last year I had the Polar Buff which would keep me really warm in the cold weather, and it would block the wind when I’m riding. I somehow lost the one I had, and I remember it smelt like burnt wood and grilled food because I took it camping for a couple of days. I just remembered how great it was when I was riding or when I was outdoors, and since it got really cold this year I wanted to use it again but I couldn’t find it.


So this time I ordered a few for the cold and a for a friend so that I can enjoy the ride without feeling the cold hit my face.

  • 3 Polar Buff (For the Cold)
  • 1 Cyclone Buff (For the Very Cold)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. JoJo

    Check out TriStar , they have few different things that will do the job like the tube that can be used in many ways

  2. JoJo

    TriStar has few different things that will do the job like the tube. It can be used in many ways

  3. That’s a smart purchase. I heard it’s freezing in Kuwait lately. That should keep you warm whenever you go for a ride.

  4. Katie

    I used one last weekend. Went snowboarding in 16 degrees below 0, thats cold but totally worth it! :)

  5. punky

    being warm around the neck and head makes it much more comfortable. I think i need to order a few of those

  6. Outkasty: lol!

    Ansam: hahaha! It keeps me warm!

    JoJo: Try this out, its really different!

    Angelo: It is freezing, and it is keeping me warm which is good!

    Katie: Great!

    punky: I will give you one to try it and then you let me know!

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