Clutch Cover and Pressure Plate


I have been waiting for these Speedy Moto for a while, they are a specialized company that make high quality aftermarkert parts for Ducati & MV Agusta.


  • Anondized Gold Spring Caps
  • Red Pressure Plate
  • Black Clutch Cover

This will modify the look of the dry clutch, I’m really looking forward to this modification. All these changes to get it to the look that I want.

Link: SpeedyMoto

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  1. Ali Khalaf (Bahrain)

    Looks awesome, looking forward to see it on your bike.

  2. lfc-q8

    it looks amazing but u must worry about all the dust and dubries we get in kuwait i guess this is not made for our weather

  3. Ms.D: lol!

    Ali Khalaf: Thanks! Will post it up when I install it!

    lfc-q8: I will clean it out well, currently mine is lightly open so I am a bit worried about that!

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