Intensive Care Unit


I got an email from a friend telling me about one of our friends who is currently in the I.C.U in San Francisco General Hospital. A friend mine moved to San Francisco for a job, and he is enjoying his stay in the city and most of the guys live down south about 30 to 40 miles away.

He was walking on the street and he was jumped by a few people, and they took his money and phone. He was beaten very badly by them that he was taken to the emergency room for surgery since he had internal bleeding in his head. He is currently in a severe but stable situation.

I can’t believe this has happened to our friend, his uncle is with him and a lot of the guys want to visit him but they don’t want to go at a bad time. Its frustrating that nothing can be done right now, but I do hope that he recovers completely from this.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I hope he gets well so soon :-( This is sad… I remember when i was back in the States one of the Kuwaiti student got some money from an ATM machine and walked away not realizing that a man was following him… he then attacked him, hurt him bad, and took all his money!!!

  2. Hasan.B

    Ala eshafeh nshala

  3. Allah yashfeeh inshallaa :s do3a2 is the best thing anyone can do

  4. shit! i hope he’ll be okay, did they catch the guys who did it?

  5. noom

    Allah eyshfeeh inshalla
    ooho kuwaiti ?

  6. that’s bad (-_-) “

    ‘7a6akom esso o enshala ygom bessalama

  7. I hope your friend get well soon … same thing happened to a friend of mine in san Francisco a few years back but unfortunately he died so we’ll pray for your friend it the only thing we can do

  8. El Aly

    Such a tragedy, all we can do is pray

  9. Bader

    Ala eshafeh o eekom fel salma inshallah

  10. my god

    thats so sad

    allah ygawma belsalamah inshallah

  11. Katie

    I’m sorry to hear that.
    Hope they get the guys who did it and lock them up for good!!

  12. That such a thing can happen in San Francisco is truly
    regrettable. Maybe it was a race hate crime. They are
    on the up, every which way you go these days.
    Must say, the Gays of SF are fast catching up with the ways of
    the Hets.

    Hope your friend is out of danger!

  13. jewaira

    So sorry to hear that Marzouq
    I hope he recovers very soon.
    Do update us on his situation

  14. Ansam: thank you, I always look around when drawing out money!

    Hasan.B: mashkoor!

    Laialy: Thank you! :)

    Mr. Solutions: Thank you!

    Ananyah: They didn’t catch the guys! Thanks!

    noom: not Kuwaiti, he is jordanian american.

    vampire: alah esalmik!

    Outkasty: thank you!

    q820days: thank you very much!

    El Aly: yup! Say whats up when you see him!

    Q80-ChillGirl: thank you

    Bader: inshalla! Mashkoor!

    TAT: Thank you

    eshda3wa: inshalla! Thank you!

    Katie: I hope so but I doubt it!

    FE: Thank you, I think it was just a robbery

    jewaira: Thank you, I will update when I get more on him!

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