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Passport Update


I have done the run through with all the main embassies for my passport, and I have now updated my passport with all the Visas.

  • British Visa (Supposedly I’m British, so its for the term of my Passport)
  • Schengen Visa (3 Years)
  • US Visa (10 Years, after a bump or two)

I sorted out my British situation so now I can enter without any issues, it will be interesting to enter the first time. The Schengen Visa wasn’t an issue at all. The US Visa was a bit of worry since they said I had some violations on my record which were raising flags with them but there wasn’t a specific reason, but the lady interviewing me was very cooperative and very nice. If you are going for the US Visa take something to read, I made it there by 7:00 am and I left around 10:00 am which isn’t considered bad.