Passport Update


I have done the run through with all the main embassies for my passport, and I have now updated my passport with all the Visas.

  • British Visa (Supposedly I’m British, so its for the term of my Passport)
  • Schengen Visa (3 Years)
  • US Visa (10 Years, after a bump or two)

I sorted out my British situation so now I can enter without any issues, it will be interesting to enter the first time. The Schengen Visa wasn’t an issue at all. The US Visa was a bit of worry since they said I had some violations on my record which were raising flags with them but there wasn’t a specific reason, but the lady interviewing me was very cooperative and very nice. If you are going for the US Visa take something to read, I made it there by 7:00 am and I left around 10:00 am which isn’t considered bad.

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  1. Great. I’m glad everything was settled nicely. Now all you need to do is to exploit your visa again and travel abroad. I’m thinking London *wink* *wink*

  2. 47

    You applied for the British entitlement right? what are the criteria that you need to meet in order to get it? (I was also born in the UK)

  3. can you get the American visa even though u don’t have a trip planned?

  4. Zabo0o6a

    British visa was such a PAIN !! even we had really good connection it took u around 4 hours :/

  5. Is it possible to have 3 years schengen visa? Which schengen embassy can do it? I am doing my visa every year and been told the maximum duration is one year!

  6. how u got 3 years Schengen ? they always give me 4 month max !!

  7. Hasan.B

    Which embassy did you go to in order to get the The Schengen Visa?

  8. jewaira

    I am quite interested in the Schengen visa

    The embassy I went to last year was really awful and did their best to infuriate applicants

  9. Angelo: lol! Now that would be nice! I wish to travel to!

    47: yup I did! You need your original birth certificate and be born before Jan 1 1983, thats about it!

    Laialy: you have to have a date on paper for them, they are flexible.

    Zabo0o6a: It does take time, and when it comes to embassies connections don’t really matter!

    Technogal: Yes it is, but only when you get a new passport or have long time until it ends. Check when your passport expires.

    forzaq8: They like me!

    Hasan.B: German Embassy!

    jewaira: I will post the better ones to go to! :)

  10. Hehe, K i got a ton of questions for you about the schengen.
    How did you get three years for schengen? Did you pull some strings? What did you say on the application form? Did you have to show them 3 years of medical insurance to cover? Did you have to go yourself? LOOL, sorry but id always get 1 year even with a bloody wasta at the french embassy. would love to know how :) Thanks in advance :)

  11. Spicy Pepper: I think because my passport was brand new, that is why they issued my the 3 year visa. They didn’t ask anything from me, I didn’t submit anything but the form I filled out. Your mistake is simple, AVOID the French Embassy.

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