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Customs and More!!


I really don’t know what customs do on a daily basis, all they do is stop shipments and nothing else.

I have bought the Onkyo TX-SR875 from Dubai since it was cheaper then buying it from the UK, and Alghanim Electronics don’t do anything useful with their brands.

The shipment arrived in Kuwait on Saturday, and they have stopped the shipment saying that its too heavy to be one piece of equipment. And then they are asking if it has a card slot for tv stations or if it can make phone calls, these guys are idiots. When I made it clear that it doesn’ t do any of that and it basically a audio/video reciever for the home they asked to get my MOC clearance, and I explained to them that I don’t even have a landline in my name, they said I need to prove that.

This process has taken over 4 days and they are really idiots, its driving me nuts. I’m hoping that I get my items by the morning if possible. They are stopping all shipments these days, I really don’t understand, if they want to do something they should just charge the 5% and move on.