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Oxford Maximiser 360T


How many times in one year do you run into battery problems or have issues with the battery not charging properly. I have consistently run into this problem over the years with both the bikes and cars, so I have been looking for the correct batery charger, and at last I have found exactly what I was looking for, an intelligent charger/tester.

The Oxford Maximiser 360 does exactly that and more:

  • Tests Battery Connection Polarity
  • Analyses Your Battery & Diagnoses Condition
  • Recovers Gently Even Heavily Discharged Batteries
  • Checks Voltage Retention
  • Bulk Charges Low Batteries Quickly
  • Advises Battery Condition
  • Maintains Battery with a Low Current if the Voltage Drops Below a Certain Limit
  • Battery Condition Adviser Shows if the Battery is Able to Hold Charge or is in Need of Replacement
  • Charge mode option allows you, at a press of the button, to choose between 3 charge rates for motorcycle (600mA) Car/Boat (3600mA) and Boost (for AGM and cold weather charging)
  • Backlit LCD display shows real-time charging rate. It shows both battery charge voltage & amperage

These are exactly are the exact features that I would want from a battery charger that can charge all different types of batteries.

Price: £44.99