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This is vitamin/health boost or whatever they call it, it is an amazing product. I honestly tried it a couple of times over the past year and a half, it does exactly what it says it will do. Whenever a lot of people get sick at work or at home I take one tablet at the beginning of the day and one at the end of the night, sometimes one mid-day if I’m feeling a little sick.

I tend to be stubborn and not go to the doctor until I am incapacitated, but with Airborne it helps your system so you don’t catch the cold or flu from somebody close by. I felt my nose get a bit stuffy last night, and when I woke up early morning to go riding I felt that I might be catching a cold so I took one before riding, and another one after riding. I hope that it kicks in and I don’t catch a cold and get back to normal. If you haven’t tried its worth trying, especially when everyone at home or at work catchs the cold.

Link: Airborne Health

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  1. Tiny Potatoe

    Where’d u get this from?

  2. this is what we call: “yzahib eddowa gabel el fal3a”

  3. I’ve been taking vitamin C tablets and i have gotten sick but not as bad as everyone else

  4. docxray

    This product is well known to have a placebo-effect, i.e., individuals who use it would most
    likely not have contracted a “cold” had they not taken it. The best proven anti-cold preventative
    currently available is the zinc-containing lozenge. Coincidentally, the work done to show that zinc has such a dramatic effect against cold viruses was done by a Kuwaiti, Professor W Al-Nakib, during the time he worked in the UK. Contact him at the Faculty of Medicine in Jabriya and I’m sure
    that he can offer a better explanation of how it works.

  5. MeHRAJA

    I use this as well, it really kicks ass. I tried all flavours available but the zesty orange is what I use now.

  6. i took it many times when I was in the states and forgot to get some with me from there..i don’t know if pharmacies have it here?

  7. vayrosaat o bakteryaat masr maywakhirha AGDA3HA duwa =F

  8. Tiny Potato: from the States, a while back!

    vampire: I hope it works!

    Laialy: I hope that works as well!

    docxray: Well, I do understand the Placebo affect but I think this does have a bit of positive affect, I will see who this professor is out of curiousity! Thanks!

    MeHRAJA: I didn’t even know there were flavors!

    Maze: They don’t have it here!

    Outkasty: loooooool! Busal might work!

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