Bahrain & Back


A friend of the family passed away yesterday, so I was asked if I could go to Bahrain for the funeral. I dont know the man personally but I have heard about him every once and while from my family, so I went to Bahrain in the afternoon for a few hours to give my condolences with some members of my family, and I returned by sun down.

 I had nothing to do with the planning, but it was very well organized with a lot of people going to give their condolences.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That was a good thing what you did.. going there… Allah yir7ihma o e’3amd roo7a bilJanna inshallah.

  2. allah yir7ohma oo e’3amd roo7a bilJana …

    I didn’t know u had Bahraini relatives …

  3. Allah Yer7ama… thawab for you.. zain sawait.. but next time, sharefna akthar min cham sa3a! :)

  4. Hasan.B

    Was that Ali Bin yousef? Ala yer7ama

  5. Shaymaa: mashkoora!

    q820days: I don’t but they are good family friends :)

    MSB: I will try! :)

    Hasan.B: yup!

    eshda3wa: alah e3afeech!

    Ansam: Alah esalmich!

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