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1:46 PM


Its very rare for me to sleep in late, even if I am tired I wake up early, and then I might take a nap later. I usually like waking up early in the morning and doing lots of random things if I’m not going to ride, at least watch some shows or organize something.

This time I just couldn’t get up or talk to anyone on the phone for the life of me. I was feeling exhausted and my nose was all stuffed up. I got calls starting from 7:55 am all the way until 1:30 pm but I just didn’t have the energy to move. I felt under the weather, and I finished one box of tissues.

I wanted to go riding but I knew that it wouldn’t be the smartest idea I had yet. Riding at anything other then 100% capability isn’t a good thing since I need 110% of my concentration. So I decided to sleep in, I woke up feeling better but I wanted to do a lot of things but I noticed that a lot of the day has gone.