Kuwait Vacated


Getting up early Friday morning is just one of those things I look forward to when I go riding, this time it was a little different. I think has been the coldest weather we have ridden, and you could feel the wind chill no matter how many layers of clothing we were wearing.


Filled up gas and headed straight to Julai’a, and I was happy as hell I was wearing my Polar Buff so that my neck would feel slightly warm and the wind wouldn’t be freezing my lips. We met up with some Harley riders who seemed ready to enjoy their day as well, this day was filled with riders all over the street it was great. As soon we started on our trip we noticed that the streets were very empty, it was fantastic. We got to Julai’a ordered some food and drinks to warm us up before heading back. It seemed like we were the only people there which is great for us, and we wouldn’t be harassed on the roads.


We were taking corners as fast as we want nobody to watch out for or be bothered with except the road. We got to the Bida’a and we were still enjoying the empty roads without anyone bothering us, we got to Marina Mall fairly quickly. We were at Marina it seemed like a ghost town, there was a person there at 10:45 am, and usually it would be packed. Maybe because it was cold and the government student vacations started, but it was a fun day on empty roads.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hasan.B

    The red one looks really god

  2. 47

    I saw the three of you, at around 9am opposite exit no. 230 (shalaihat) i was heading back from chalet!

  3. Love the mean looking bikes and helmets Marzouq
    Wow that must have been a great ride…

  4. Hasan.B: Thank you, thats Pyro!

    Laialy: very much!

    47: Really, I think we were flying at that point! :)

    Jewaira: Always a fun cold morning! And the helmets add to the zest of things!

    vampire: Couldn’t move my hands after the ride!

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