Novelty Passports


I have seen these novelty passports a few times at travel stores whenever I’m at the airport. This is probably the dumbest thing somebody could do at an airport, its like asking to be put in a room for a cavity search.

Having a passport cover that says you are of a different nationality or something of that nature will cause you a heap of trouble. I have a black cover because I don’t wan’t the passport showing for one reason or another, but what these guys are selling is gauranteed to raise some flags at the security check point.

Link: OhGizmo

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  1. I have a black cover as well … one of the best investments i made

  2. US/UK immigration are not fans of those covers .. they explicitly tell you to remove them.

  3. Laialy: Yup!

    EniGma: Its just a thing when you travel, I’m paranoid at airports and especially in the UK and US, so I keep it on until the immigrations guy.

    K: Yup, but if its plain black they don’t have any issues! But it also depends on the person, I take it off if the immigrations person looks pissed off!

  4. moocherx

    Although I have a british passport, because i carry it in my pocket a lot the gold paint always rubs off the front so I bought a black leather cover with gold metal edges – from the Post Office for 99p.

    You’d be amazed how it gets looked at like you’re a VIP or something.

    Glad I didn’t buy the pink one.

  5. ananyah: Thats ridiculous!

    moocherx: I just like keeping it clean and unknown!

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