ICU – Update


My friend has gotten better, he is stable but he remains in the Intensive Care Unit. They have taken him off the heavy sedation and he is feeling a bit better then before. Some of the guys keep visiting him, but not too many at one time since he is still in the ICU.

He has improved over the past couple of days, but he might have to have surgery again. The first surgery was successful to stop the bleeding but there is some foreign fluid in his head that they must extract. He will remain in the ICU for a couple of more days then transfered to the normal ward. His parents have arrived in the states to see how their son is doing, during that time his uncle and aunt were with him.

It was his roommates that took him to the hospital and contacted his friends about what happened to him. He was robbed of his keys, wallet, and phone and he was found by the complex security guard on the side walk around 6:00 am in the morning, and he was last on the phone around 2:30 am with one of our friends. So he was out there for a few hours before anyone found him. He was lucky to have good roommates and they took him to hospital after trying to figure out what to do and who to contact. By the time he spoke to the police he was already sedated and so they said it is a very slim chance that the attackers would be caught, surprisingly he was attacked in an area which is usually safe to walk in.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zahed

    zooki who was that dont tell me its shamil

  2. noom

    الله يقومه بالسلامة
    اهو كويتي ؟

  3. zahed: no its Mo, Don’t think you met him!

    Rashisha: alah esalmich

    noom: Nope, he isn’t Kuwaiti.

  4. beeh miskeen, Yalla inshala he recovers soon … o Allah e3een ahalaah … Al7amdillah he got out of it

  5. yallah il7emdellah khoush khabar itha 7alta ga3da tet7assan

  6. 7ada im3awer galbi

    allah y3eena inshallah

    if the criminals dont get caught i hope allah ma ywafghum laa dinya wala akhra, 3asahum they feel pain thats much much worse than anything imaginable!

  7. moocherx

    Crime sucks. One of the luckier aspects of living in Kuwait, I suppose. Since I’m hopefully moving to NYC next Jan, I’ve been closely watching this: which shows the location and type of crime currently happening there!

  8. jewaira

    I wish him speedy recovery.

  9. vampire: Thanks

    Laialy: 7amdilla!

    Outkasty: 7amdilla!

    eshda3wa: They won’t get caught, bes 7amdilla he is doing better.

    moocherx: That is insane, a website just to point out recent crimes!

    jewaira: thank you

    Q80-ChillGirl: alah esalmich

    DnG: yup, thanks! :)

  10. Allah eshafeeh enshalla o ey3afeeeh. el7emdellah 3ala kel 7al :)

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