Luna Desk


Have you ever wanted a desk that made you think you were on the Starship Enterprise then this would be it. All you need is the machine that made any kind of food or beverage that you want right next to you and you are in the year 2120 AD. Arched legs support this huge one piece of glass, and it has a huge piece of red leather inlay which gives it this futuristic look. But for this impressive desk comes an impressive price.


Price: $12855
Link: Spacify

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  1. Expensive but looks very very cool! I thought there’d be buttons and LED screens for fun hehe.

  2. I dont like the look much… although I am loving the red in it

  3. wedy ashoof njar sha6r egld l design bdal ma adf3 $12855

  4. loool @ mishref….that’s pretty cool !

  5. jaja

    once i saw it, i said ok im gona order this right now, since i’m looking for a new desk anyway.. i saw the price, i closed the window.

  6. chikapappi: yup! loool!

    N: loool! The screen is optional! loool! Its really cool!

    Ansam: I think it will take off!

    Shaymaa: yup! :)

    mishref: When you find one let me know!

    KWT23: yup!

    jaja: hahahahaha!

  7. Nawwara

    kint ibmadrissa 7ikooma willa kha9a?

  8. moocherx

    that expensive glass is just asking for my smudgy fingerprints following a working McDonald’s lunch at my desk.

    though if I can afford that desk, I might splash out and use one of the napkins…

  9. Marzouq! They sell this desk in Kuwait and my friend (owner of the store) confirmed its the Luna designed by Pininfarina. I didnt ask how much it is though here in KWD

  10. Fifi

    Hey Marzouq, nice blog.

    Did you see that new furniture mall that’s opening in Kuwait called Telal? It’s next to City Centre, Shuwaikh, you will love it ! Go and check it ouy!!

  11. Nawwara: laish??! lol

    moocherx: hahaha

    Outkasty: Its a ship, but people don’t know it

    Ansam: Your kidding me!!

    Fifi: Its right across from my work, I will be checking it out, its still under construction but there are some open stores!

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