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Rock Band!


This weekend should be considered a Rock Band weekend, I saw the setup at my friends place and all they were missing was the speakers to be a real band. These guys were practicing non-stop with the Guitar and Drums, I wasn’t too crazy to try since last time I was obliterated in Guitar Hero. They asked me if I wanted to sing, so I thought I would be horrible and this would be like karaoke so why not.


This turned out to be a lot more intense and insane then I thought it would be. Out of the all the guys that sung I did a pretty good job, never thought I would sing but when you are singing to some really good rock songs you do get into the whole mood of things. They do shows in different cities to win stars and gain groupies. This is probably the most intense group games I have played yet, I was laughing my head off, but after every two or three songs I take a break since my voice is slightly gone and you really have to get into it to get the tones right. I can’t believe how involved this game is, and how crazy everyone gets with it.