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Review: Big Shots


This is probably one of those entertaining shows that won’t be having another season, but really worth a watch. Its about four friends who are all successful in their lives leading the life of luxury in New York City, but there is one part where none of them seem to get it right which is their relationship with women. I watched this show all one go because I couldn’t stop watching episode to episode, you really understand what these men are going through and how hectic things can be with women, and all the women are gorgeous in one way or another.


You can’t help but laugh at their situation, they keep comparing each other’s troubles on a daily basis and who can top of the other. One man is head of a powerful conglomerate, another is leader of a cosmetic company, one guy runs his own crisis management company, and another runs a pharmaceutical company. There is a bit of a serious undertone for some of them, but the comedy just doesn’t stop, I am really enjoying this show and I want more episodes.

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