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Chill Night and Smallville


So I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and so I stayed in for the night didn’t feel like moving around. My cousin came over since he wanted to watch some shows, I thought that would be a good idea since that means I would remain stationary and warm in the house. Some kabab sandwiches and tv are always a good combination to just keep on watching more TV. I haven’t seen Smallville in a while so I decided to watch the show, and I was damn happy I did that.


It seems there have been more developments in Smallville I haven’t watched it for a while now and I have to watch it from Season 6. One fact that never changes is that Lois Lane is hot and whoever says otherwise shall be shot, something about her feisty attitude that just makes that character perfect. I do love the storyline of the show, and I can’t get enough, I can’t believe its been going for seven years now and I hope it keeps going. It seems things get interesting in Season 7, so I might be having a season 6 marathon to catch up with my cousin, there is going to be one late night on the weekend to do all that.