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If I had time to play games this would be the list that I would be looking at, I keep hearing good things about Ace Combat 6 and some people have been very happy playing Naruto on XBox 360 so I want to get my hands on that. A friend of mine has Assasin’s Creed so I shall steal that from him when he isn’t looking, then there are the other games. I have to say that I am still playing Halo 3, not as much as before since I don’t have as much time.


  1. Ace Combat 6
  2. Naruto – Rise of a Ninja
  3. Assasin’s Creed (Will Steal From Friend)
  4. Mass Effect
  5. Ninja Gaiden 2
  6. Time Shift
  7. Warriors Orochi

ninjagaiden2a.jpg Some of these games I will get in due time, its good to get these games at a later point since the price drops a bit but the playability never changes. One game that never dropped in price was Halo, Halo 2, and now Halo 3. There is GTA IV which everyone has been waiting for, and I know I want to play the game but I have a bad feeling that it is extremely addictive and that sort of game requires a large investment of time to get ahead in the game.