Review: Bleach Memories of Nobody


Plot Summary: In Karakura Town, there has been a sudden outbreak of unidentifiable spirits called “blanks” (vacant souls) while in the skies of Soul Society, the real world has been reflected. A mysterious female shinigami called Senna has appeared before Ichigo along with a man named Ganryu, leading a group called the “Dark Ones”.


Every good anime series usually comes out with a movie slightly diverting from the story line but still having some connection with it. In this movie our favorite guy Kurosaki Ichigo is running around town as the usual Substitute Shinigami until they run into this strange phenomena. Whoever watches Bleach knows that the Soul Society has a lot of dark secrets and in this movie this is one of them, I really liked how they jumped right into Ichigo’s character and we are used some of these guys, but we are also used to how the storyline is uncovered to us in the episodes so much that you really know all the characters, but in the movie you feel like its a bit hurried. You get the sense the Ichigo will continue the fight, but you don’t get a full understanding of the enemy, they could have made it a bit longer and developed those guys a little further since we already knew all the Shinigami. Overall its an enjoyable movie and you will probably enjoy it but don’t expect so much from it, I have higher expectations for the second Bleach Movies.

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  1. hmm it was a bore to be honest… just as crappy as the naruto craptastic movies. second movie is out by the way already…

    u might be interested in checking out the following :
    D Gray-man
    and although pretty new but worth checking out the pilot
    Macross frontier

    and if u watched any tell me whatchu think ;)
    tho i still watch naruto and bleach but honestly they are becoming a bit of a drag and a bit too boring for me …

  2. Have you watched “The Boondocks” ?

  3. bambam: I just like when Ichigo gets worked up, and I have finished Claymore and its an excellent anime. I also have D Gray-man but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I will check out Macross Frontier I hope its good!

    G-Funk: Yup, when it first came out, its pretty funny since I used to read the comic strip.

  4. I loved this movie a lot! Mostly the female’s character… but yeah it was a little rushed I think.

  5. Zouq :Season 2 is out for a while now.

  6. N: yup!

    G-Funk: Yup, i have it, I’m at episode 154, and going nuts!

  7. mel

    bleach??……good animation……… :-)

  8. =m=

    *I dunno why you’d be reading a review if you weren’t aware of this but- Spoilers

    Man this movie was both awesome and a disaster!

    Overall I thought the movie was rushed (especially with the final fights), and you’re right- they really should have made more time to develop the bad guys.

    I found it to be so predictable too- from the moment they said that the memory whatever was on earth you just knew what (or should I say who ¬¬) it was and for me the entire plot was revealed in that instant. And how convenient for all of it to be forgotten at the end (yeah I know Ichigo remembers).

    The whole thing seemed kinda corny to me (I mean, ‘the dark ones’, c’mon), not to mention a total mary sue fest, and usually with those the boy goes completely out of character because he obsesses over the new girl- that’s my take on it anyway. But I dunno, I think Ichigo was out of character in a way, but at the same time he seemed like his normal self.

    …But as much of a mary sue I think Senna is, I adored her! She was cute, funny, and wasn’t completely useless like many girls! Plus I loved the fact that she was so forgetful, it made her seem more human :D

    The movie also kept it’s usual good humor, particularly with Ichigo and Rukia, you just gotta love their quarrels!

    And even though this movie was totally corny, rushed, and predictable- I still really enjoyed it! That said, it’s not something I’d watch often!

    Well that’s my oversized comment anyways.

  9. =m=: Very well said, you said it better then I even did. You like it and you get annoyed by it!

  10. =m=

    Thanks, i’m glad i’m not the only one that thinks this about the movie! Yeah it’s exactly that to be blunt lol!
    I really wish I had a better version of it too, as it’s a movie they went all out on making the action as smooth and gorgeous as possible but the version I got is really bad at showing it in good quality so I missed out on that gem!

  11. =m=: It could have been done better for sure!

  12. Luna Zetsumei Chishio

    Well to be honest, I had been hooked to Bleach ever since I had watched the episode one of the anime it was totally awsome the animation and the story. But, I’m not really satisfied to their heroine. I would rather choose Senna to play as heroine than that tomboyish Rukia.What I really mean is Senna have plenty of good points that surpasses Rukia.

    In the movie Memories of Nobody I think that the running time was just fine considering that it was a movie but the story line was not that good but I could say that it was satisfying and desserves to be watched. The characters are welly designed like the bad guys, the heroine Senna and they had successfully gave the regullar characters like Ichigo their normal atitude.

  13. Nicky

    It was…. horrible D: But with a few good concepts. It’s funny, considering how much time they had, the movie seemed rushed. That seems to be a pretty common trend anymore and a sign of bad screenwriting.

    I wanted to like Senna, but she was ultimately, an uber sue. Pretty, fun, whimsical, powerful, yet vulnerable at the same time, catty and harbored an angsty backstory. Ichigo got over his like for her immediately, every other major soul reaper came to her aid while receiving virtually no air time and even after that put the time and effort into saving her, she ‘died for everyone’ in the end. Not only that, they used the whole ‘ she will be wiped from our memories’ deal. D: It was just so obvious….

    Also, I adore stories where not all thought is put solely on the hero or heroin. Villains make a story as much as any character, if not more so. The villains in this were bland and their background was summarized in a single monologue. It was pathetic.

    At least the animation didn’t fail.

  14. Sam

    I jus’t can say….cool i luv Bleach ….

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