Annoying Ring Tone


I have work phone and my normal phone, and when my normal phone rings I know its always someone just calling up or something funny. When my work phone rings its always a problem so it has become 2nd nature to me to hate my phone.

When I first purchased the phone I thought it was useful and had some good features, but now I just hate it and hope it never rings, its a dreaded feeling when it does ring. The other day when I was recouping from the flu I switched off my phone and not hearing it ring all day on a normal day did feel good even though I knew there would be a lot missed calls, but at that point I didn’t care. So I really hate this phone right now and its due to work, so it doesn’t matter which phone I just don’t want it to ring.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. thats why I keep changing my number every like 3 months! I hear you my friend…

  2. JoJo

    Can I have the number for your work phone !!

  3. quit ur job! u seem to hate it..

  4. Yeah.. HTC phones are feature packed yet boring/inferior quality.. maybe if you got a phone with less features but that offered more of a “fun” vibe it would lessen the impact of the work calls…

  5. 3ayal imagine when you are at a company dinner… for non-work related event.. having fun all night and socializing with everyone else till someone comes and ruin the whole night for you mentioning things to do at work! I mean things you always do on time and you already did for the day! They just bring on this sad reminder when you are talking to someone who is trying to introduce themselves to you! You get interrrrrppppted for that! SHUCKS!

  6. I know how that feels :/ The only solution is really to change your attitude about work i guess!

  7. Hasan.B

    I think I will HATE my new pager soon, but not sure I can switch it off though:r

  8. Kim

    Work is work, that’s why they pay us. There is no harm in turning it off every now and again though. Everyone needs a break every once in a while :)

  9. Moey: That wouldn’t work for me!

    JoJo: hahaha!

    Soul: Don’t hate, just get annoyed with some of the calls sometimes.

    Rashisha: yup

    tmz_99: yup, I know what you mean.

    Ansam: lol!!! I say slap the person!

    Laialy: Thats not really the case, you just have to handle things. No matter what, work is work.

    Hasan.B: Pager, really?

    Kim: Exactly, when I turn it off the calls lessen for a few days after that. It was funny.

  10. jewaira

    Awww poor phone hehe nevermind hate it just don’t smash it against a wall

  11. jewaira: hahaha! I don’t think I will do that!

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