Customs & The Run Around


The customs run around, this has been ridiculous, I have never seen this much stupidity in so many different government institutions in Kuwait.

  • Sunday: Receiver arrived in Kuwait
  • Monday: Customs require original reciept, which they have, then they ask for the original brochure. 1 pm they close.
  • Tuesday: They didn’t get to my items until the afternoon, then they asked for MOC Clearance (Ifraag), by that time MOC is closed.
  • Wednesday: Submitted paper work for ifraag, and they said it takes one day and they were asking why the item was so big for a satelite receiver, they don’t understand what a Home Theater Receiver is.
  • Thursday: MOC says the paper isn’t signed come back Sunday
  • Sunday:MOC Not signed yet
  • Monday:MOC signed, Customs guy sees the product then says its ok, but then asks for clearance from Ministry Of Information. So paper work and the product goes to MOI.
  • Tuesday: Took the paperwork to them and they said that they can’t release the product since they haven’t seen one like that in Kuwait.
  • Wednesday: Argued with Ministry Of Information and got Clearance (Shouting Helps). I have the product with me just need some stamps from MOI and Customs and its mine by the end of the Thursday. (I hope)

They are all a bunch of idiots that need to be slapped around.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. geo

    if you have it with you why bother going back .. just head home and install it

  2. Hellraiser

    Funny, it is not worth buying such items online, I can immagine the waste of time and frustration you had to go through to get it approved. Next time buy it while in the US, you can just walk in through airport customs hassle free.

  3. Moey: Complete idiots!

    geo: You have to finish the paperwork or something will be stuck in your name at customs which isn’t the smartest idea.

    Hellraiser: Exactly, next time a 90 KD flight to Dubai and back in the same day is worth it instead of all this hassle.

  4. Q8expat

    So much hassle for AV Receiver… thing if it was something to do with communication like Wireless Router….man… ‘little knowledge a dangerous thing”

  5. jewaira

    What a waste of time

  6. ” they can’t release the product since they haven’t seen one like that in Kuwait. ”

    LMAO !! what a stupid excuse !

  7. “they can’t release the product since they haven’t seen one like that in Kuwait.”

    That happened to me too! But, put on some geeky glasses and explain the product in layman’s terms and I was allowed outta there with my box… Well, after they had a discussion about it amongst themselves for some time.

  8. lfc-q8

    i hope it all works out at the end and u enjoy ur avr

  9. I would just steal it from customs .. pay the guys a couple of KD to sneak it out.

  10. Allah ekon fe 3onek walla.

  11. I can’t believe they are that stupid !! Maybe they want some $$ from you ( as most of government places in kuwait do ) , but you didn’t get it ;)

  12. Kim

    Sounds like total chaos. Mabye you will have an extra appreciation for the receiver since you practically had to give your own blood to get it.

  13. Rashisha: yup!

    Q8expat: No knowledge, they are idiots!

    jewaira: yup!

    bo9agr: I wanted to do more to them when I saw them.

    Shaymaa: Didn’t matter what I would I did, they are idiots!

    lfc-q8: Thanks!

    K: hahahaha! If only I contacted you before this whole mess.

    N: Thanks!

    Laziale: It doesn’t matter, they are not getting a bit from me!

    Outkasty: I will kill before that!

    vampire: No! 3ala hatha!

    Moey: yup

    Kim: It doesn’t matter, they always do this!!!! lol

    Laialy: thanks!

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