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Customs & The Run Around


The customs run around, this has been ridiculous, I have never seen this much stupidity in so many different government institutions in Kuwait.

  • Sunday: Receiver arrived in Kuwait
  • Monday: Customs require original reciept, which they have, then they ask for the original brochure. 1 pm they close.
  • Tuesday: They didn’t get to my items until the afternoon, then they asked for MOC Clearance (Ifraag), by that time MOC is closed.
  • Wednesday: Submitted paper work for ifraag, and they said it takes one day and they were asking why the item was so big for a satelite receiver, they don’t understand what a Home Theater Receiver is.
  • Thursday: MOC says the paper isn’t signed come back Sunday
  • Sunday:MOC Not signed yet
  • Monday:MOC signed, Customs guy sees the product then says its ok, but then asks for clearance from Ministry Of Information. So paper work and the product goes to MOI.
  • Tuesday: Took the paperwork to them and they said that they can’t release the product since they haven’t seen one like that in Kuwait.
  • Wednesday: Argued with Ministry Of Information and got Clearance (Shouting Helps). I have the product with me just need some stamps from MOI and Customs and its mine by the end of the Thursday. (I hope)

They are all a bunch of idiots that need to be slapped around.